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I learned my lesson. I've had facebook for idk, 3 years now?  And I never really posted much on there, and I never really liked seeing what other people posted either that much, except that they dont tell me anything in person, so it's about the only way i ever know what is going on.  

So, recently I started posting daily 'updates' on my boring life...and I learned why I never did that before.  On my last (and probably final) update, and while i was sleeping no less, my family was posting things about me on my comment, not nice things (and not the first time they have done it either).  It made me realize why I dont post things on facebook very often.

Negativity disguised as "joking" is just the way they work.  All they ever say is negative; it is just the way they function in everyday life, their 'normal mode'. Nothing I can say will fix that, but I sure as **** dont have to put up with it any more than is necessary (maybe i need reminding why it is necessary as my next lesson).
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I know all about this.....I had friends like this as well as family. Facebook is really fakebook...i post pictures for family to see the kids and thats it...Im sorry this happened...it is very wrong.

It's a tough one... for some reason FB seems to bring that out in people! ( I agree... awesome for kid pics, etc)

eh, it's ok feisty...if i had thought about it much beforehand i prolly would have predicted that's what they'd do, but as it turned out I just needed a little reminding :)

Aww, that's too bad that your family did that Shannon.... Honestly, I find Facebook the most colossal waste of time and filled with narcissism. (I mean... I really don't need to see a picture of you drinking coffee at Starbucks, or that you are wondering about what you should have for dinner....)<br />
<br />
I log on under duress every now and then to keep up with professional contacts but I rarely post stuff. So yeah... I hear ya...lol. Keep a low profile there and come here to express yourself and share stuff where it will be more supportive and interesting :-)

yep, thank rubies!