Familiarity And Betrayl

It's only in the times when I truly lose myself when no one, with the exception of 2-3 people in my life will even show a bit of concern or even bother to ask what's wrong. I feel like it's always been this way with me, even with my own family, who won't be there to provide a shoulder to cry on when I need it most. It's the feeling of abandonment which I accept because it's all that I've ever been used to. The term "fair weather friends" seem to fit into so many people in my life perfectly. I used to try to keep my negative emotions so well-hidden that I wouldn't utter a word to a soul unless if things got extremely overwhelming. But now, I realized it doesn't make any difference whether it is out in the open field or not. In a way, I kind of expected it to be different. But no one wants to lend a helping hand, and everything you ever thought was sacred goes straight down the drain. Yet it never ceases to amaze me how much I give my everything and in return receive nothing... no matter how bad things get.

bloodpromise bloodpromise
18-21, F
Feb 12, 2010