Get a Life.

I am truly disturbed at how many "fake people" there are on here.  How can you get on here and pretend to be someone you are not, make friends, and then hurt them when they realize you're a phony?!?

For someone like that, life must be a pretty horrible place, as they feel they must create ficticious characters to fill voids-- or supplement a lack of entertainment.

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6 Responses Mar 4, 2009

So true. You see so many who are obviously men pretending to be women on here. I think they do it to get other men to write them so they can then play with their heads and turn them on. You see the men go for it so often. I guess women are better at recognizing deception than men are, because it seems like we usually figure it out, but the men just seem to keep taking the bait. Sometimes it seems like they just don't care. All they care about is the fact that the person they are messing with on here is getting them hot. Dishonesty is never a turn on for me.

If I ever have a personal experience with someone who I feel is a total fake then I'll flag them. Like Jerrica, I have a hard enough time keeping up with my own account. I wouldn't be able to be three and four different people. I definitely think EP should track IP addresses and limit everyone to one account.<br />
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Sometimes it's hard to determine whether or not someone is fake. A good way to figure it out is if you suspect that two profiles are being used by the same person, see if those two profiles are logged on at the same time EVERYTIME they are on. <br />
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And if they do alot of "talking", exchanging of comments, tributes... Multiple accounts is a mighty fine way to cheat the system by submitting say, a caption of the day response, and signing on to the other accounts to give yourself votes. Hmmm...

Agreed, they could also cheat the system by getting the most likes on their post in Question of the Day. Also very much agreed on EP tracking IP addresses and only allowing one account. I think the IPs change if they post from a phone though (??), so that would be difficult. But the IP still says the general location doesn't it? A good idea either way.

i just don't get why people do this. it makes no sense to me. it's enough for me to keep up with one account let alone multiple accounts.

It would be easy enough to limit people to one account. It's just a question of tracking IP addresses, or getting people to sign up with a credit card. Unfortunately EP don't see it as a priority.

I haven't had any personal experiences with it yet, but I have heard about other people on here who have and it makes me sad. Just when they think they've found a friend, the person is not real!

I agree! I really wish there was some way to track who had multiple profiles and eliminate them from here. It's abuse of this site, which is supposed to be a place of support and understanding.