Yeah... I have noticed this on EP... "new" member who join, just to pick on others. I have often wondered if they were really new jerks, joining the EP site, or known members who decided to make another fake-profile for the purpose of attacking! It may be paranoia, but I'm pretty sure that some of these profiles of trolls are known members. :-/

I think these are COWARDS! Whenever you don't want to say or express something, because you want other to see your username in some type of good light, that's fine... keep up your appearance and pretend that you don't feel one way about something. You do have the right to lie to yourself. BUT, to make a new profile, just to vent what you really want to say and feel... that's the coward's way out! :-o

If I am going to be mean, then I am going to be so under my known username! If I am going to stand up for something that's not popular or socially accepted, I will do so under my known username. If I am going to be judgmental, rude, or highly annoying... it's coming from my username: Shadow! That's because I am no coward and I am true to myself. If no one likes it, TOUGH! I can only be me. ;-)

And honestly... I think it's pitiful to take this route. People, just be yourself, good or bad. At least no one can say you are a coward and dishonest! Speak the truth or what you see it as... to create a fake-profile to do it... well, that's just so lame! =p


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5 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Well said! People who do this are cowards and it's pathetic!

Very true

Some people just can't seem to help themselves I agree with you completely, it is pathetic!

I totally agree with you 110%!!!

well said!