I Am Sick Of Both Protestant Or Catholic Fundies

I've read enough of their crap on the internet, and its nothing but attacks on others for not following their messed up dogmas.  Now I normally can respect other religions, but their crap, its just illogical.  But pretty much like all right wing ideologies, someone always has to be superior to another.  If I do an internet search on any preacher, theologian, pastor, you name it, I can find someone trying to expose them.  Only because they do not agree with their beliefs.  The Apologetic sites are the worst.  All those jerks do is write crap trying to degrade all other religions cause they dont agree with them.  Like just shut up and mind your own business.  Who decided your theology was perfect?

I remember dealing with Catholic Fundamentalists.  They insist that they were the original church, canonizer of the bible, and the protector of truth.  If you just do a little non-biased research, you would see that there were many Christian groups, however the Catholic church was based in Rome, and had the most political power to decide what was orthodox and what was heretical.  The just ended up rewriting history to make it look as if Peter was the first pope, despite no evidence points to him ever being in Rome, just their rewrites of history.  Then they declared these other groups as Heretical groups that just sprung up.  Then they claim that the Protestants just split from Rome cause they did not like what their teachings.  They still try to justify all the heresy charges made, burning of Heretics and the crusades.  Just shows you how brainwashed Fundie Catholics are.  Not to mention, they have some very foul behavior.  They are downright mean to anyone who does not agree with them.  I remember on Amazon.com, some Fundie Catholic did not agree with a certain books theology, so he gave it a completely nasty review.  Thats just a biased review, and has no place.  However if anyone commented him to defend the book, he just started acting like a real *******.  http://www.amazon.com/review/R3CG7JM3X4U6FB/ref=cm_cd_pg_pg2?ie=UTF8&cdPage=2&asin=0595469167&store=books.  But what do you expect from some narrowminded *******.  Thats just one example of Fundie Catholics.  But They can be so holier than thou.  They think that they are more righteous than everyone else who does not show complete loyalty to Church Authority.  Like really, you think that just because you are the popes pet, that it makes you something so special.  All it does is make you a blind idiot who will just follow anyone who has a spiny hat.  Not to mention all their strict morality.  Its wrong to use birth control, **********, and other stuff.  But its okay for their version of God to torture them for all eternity?  Thats relativism at its very best. 
I will say the Mainstream Catholics are very nice people, but the Fundies have given them the name Cafeteria Catholic.  UGH! Just because those Fundies are a bunch of Dumb robots doesnt mean everyone else has t o be one. 

Fundamentalist Protestants are another group that ****** me off.  They insist on persecuting Catholics instead, like the Fundie Catholics did to the Protestants.  However  their theology is based on some Born Again Christianity waste.  Those people are so annoying.  Somehow they have some spiritual experience, and they all the sudden have the "True Enlightenment".  Problem is, everyone who has had these experiences have claimed different experiences.  However these jerks come off becoming very dogmatic about their beliefs as if they are absolutely correct.  But if you ask me, they are the most foul pieces of dirt it was ever my displeasure to see speak.  They insult others, and are just downright arrogant and wannabe cool.  I was one time told by one of these losers that he would beat anyone in a bible debate.  Smug *******.  And they claim that they are the saved?  If you ask me, if heaven is all arrogant ********, and justified cause of that, then I would not want to go.  As organized Churches go, I really cannot stand the Independent Baptist King James Onlyists.  They are nothing but a destructive mind cult.  They have so many dumb rules, like women cant wear pants, no cinema, rock music, anything remotely fun, they think its sinful.  The worst part is that they cant keep their cult to themselves.  They have to go all over the country and get all fire and brimstone with everyone, all over the place.  Like those stupid street preachers.  No one gives a **** about your imaginary doomsday and hellfire.  I also hate their involvment with politics.  Like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.  I dont need to be ruled by some mind control hick church.  We have freedom of religion, and those jerks want to take away their rights, so they can live in their lala land where everyone is forced into some opressive lifestyle they are in.  Or they just dont want to see someone endorsing stuff they dont like.  GROW UP!  Plus they have an opsession with Hell.  That is their absolute favorite belief.  They love quoting crap from Bill Weise, the Hellhole Hoax, Maurice Rawlings, and Mary Baxter as "Proof" of eternal punishment.  However more NDE's confirm a pleasant experience, and very few if any tell of eternal Torment.  Most NDE experts have concluded Hell as a place of Reformation, not final punishment like these fundies claim.  That is the calling card of a sadist, not a loving god they claim to preach. 
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@kari633 Because the Government is probably protecting them.

christian Fundamentalists are abusive and get away with it. It is a cult.

In the Word of God Paul was inspired to comment about all the many variations of Christian theology . It is exactly the same thing that happened to the 10 commandments and caused it to take 40 years to get from Egypt to the Promised land , and the destruction of Israel and scattering of the Jews . It is the nature of man , you commit the same hate that you accuse the various churches of , just another theology . I think it has already been hashed out . If churches would just read the whole letter Paul wrote it is clear while he humored the customs of the day and one line can not be taken alone , often his point was forgiveness not promotion ... For example after a chapter to appease Jews about how Jesus did not come to eliminate the law , but fullfill it he leaves them with it is not necessary to be circumsized and many other examples ... Women don't have to cover their heads , men can have long hair if they like it , a woman can obey her family customs even if her husband will not take up any cross ... It is about forgiveness of sin , becomeing free of sin and worshipping God . Don't get caught up in the same turmoil that plagued the early church so . Find peace . <br />
Here are 5 easy steps. ~<br />

So many people have died because thease two groups cant just RESPECT each other. And even if you dont respect, even if you refuse to entertain the possiblility that you just MIGHT be wrong, I just wish they would stop KILLING! Half the people they kill arn't even religios, just work as a cop or somthing.

imabear. Ive actually been on that website, and I know exactly what you mean. Luckily only a small minority of Catholics today are like that. But those small minorities sure stick together and create hell for everyone. Plus most of the threads were absolutely stupid, like regarding some forged prophecy about the last pope ushering in the apocalypse.

There is a site "Catholic Answers Forum" that is full of the fundie Catholics you described. What a bunch of jerks! You can't dialogue with them because they are right - God told them so, the popes told them so, etc....they are so self-righteous it makes you want to puke. Sometimes when I'm really, really bored I go there to see what the enemy is up to - makes my blood boil every time. <br />
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I grew up surrounded by fundie Prots. <br />
<br />
Idiots all.