What does God require of you but that you do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God. That is in the Christian Bible and it is above all sects, denominations, creeds, divisions, and dogmas. It speaks to the Truth of a God who loves all, and will, ultimately save all. Norman Vincent Peale once said that God is too big to be "straight-jacketed" into one human-made system of theology. Those who do that usually do it for their own narrow reasons and not because God is actually like that. Look what misery has been created by diverse factions claiming sole ownership to God. Look at the horrors of violence comitted againt people through ages because each believe they know better things that are only knowable by faith. Belief is an intensely personal thing. The evil comes when people attempt to force their beliefs on others. That is why I dislike fundamentalism-it separates and violates. The individual experience becomes meaningless unless it looks, sounds, and acts like everyone else's. It is ultimately anti-human and thinking people who might believe become disgusted by the ignorance embraced by those who say they have the "only truth" and you will spend an eternity burning in hell because of a decision you made in a relatively few number of years. We need to leave people alone and allow them their right to "be." Fundamentalists can't do that.
mysticflyer mysticflyer
51-55, M
Aug 6, 2011