Their Double Standards And Hypocracy Amuses Me

Their view on the bible.

They seem to chastize liberal Christians, claiming that they do not follow the bible in their entirety, while they accept everything the good and the bad.  Oh Really?  First of all, being a blind follower is not something to be proud of.  However they really are A) Cherrypickers themselves. and B) a different bible interpretation.  The truth is that they just see and cherrypick the bible(Or the Koran if your muslim) to support their fascist, patriarchal, bigoted, puritanical morality.  They twist any positive scriptures about charity, tolerance, ect.  Yet expect people to take those bible verses about bigotry, hate and oppressive rules literally.  But any positive scriptures cant be taken literally.  What else?  Oh yeah.  They can interpret the bible to represent love, social justice, tolerance, ect.  But no, they choose to interpret it as this wrathful book promoting hate and intolerance.  I actually have more respect for a liberal Christian, considering they are doing more good, and are actually doing charity work, fight against injustice, and are out using Christianity as a force to help others.  Lets see, whose a better person?  Mother Theresa or Jerry Falwell.  Lets see, Mother Theresa, and she was no fundamentalist orthodox wacko.  Falwell, nothng but a hate mongering toad.  So I have no respect for their fascist interpretation and cherrypicking they try to pass off as truth. 

Their view on Tolerance

They think that Atheists are intolerant bigots.  Really?  Yeah, there are some out there who hate anything spiritual.  But the only reason there are bitter athiests out there is because they were former fundamentalists at one point.  Let see, what else?  they expect people to tolerate their religion, and get all offended if you speak out against something they do.  But they go out condemning everyone who they dont agree with.  Talk about double standards.  But its okay to tell you that you deserve to be tortured for all eternity just cause you dont believe as them, while they can enjoy heaven forever.  They can take no criticism, but can say downright hateful things to others. 

Views on Islam

They love to condemn other religions and criticize them for doing the exact same stuff they do.  They have a big problem with Fundamentalist Muslims out there, despite the fact they are in total agreement, except on some doctrinal issues.  However their foundations are exactly the same.  1) Anyone who doesnt think like us is going to burn in hell forever.  2) Religious authority should be blindly obeyed. 3) The world is evil except us 4) Some people are interior to others, and need to be dominated.  Big whoop one follows the Koran and the other the bible, and have some insignificant differences.  What unites them is stronger than what divides them.  The only real difference is a Fundamentalist Evangelical is too dumb to know how to use a bomb, a Fundamentalist muslim knows how to use one.  Not to mention the middle east has some uncivilized governments that sponsor terrorism, while America is a civilized nation that does not tolerate terrorism, hate crimes period. 

Views on the Westboro Baptist Church

On the Westboro Baptist Church.  No difference there.  Both have this infatuation with anti-gay bullying, noisy apocalyptic superstitious rants about the end, hate mongering signs, a small church whom they believe are the only people God is going to save from hellfire, and relish in the idea that anyone not in their group is gonna burn in hell.  Pus a compulsive need to follow the demands of a leader, despite the real lack of morality involved in doing so.  Plus there are many fundies who say horrible things to grieving families at funerals and then applaud them for telling a horrible truth.  But WBC does it, its okay.  Plus both open air preachers and WBC claim they are doing so out of love.  Yet they behave exactly the same way.  Different, NO.  So the real difference, WBC isnt politically correct, other fundies are. 

Views on Christian non-orthodox sects

Like the Jehovahs Witnesses, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, or bible student churches.  They always rant about how these churches are such legalistic cults that abuse their members and brainwash them into this satanic cult.  First off, none of those groups harrass you if you do not join their church.  Not to mention, none of those groups threaten you with eternal torment if you dont join their cult.  Plus neither group believes in Eternal Torment.  Plus their message is much more uplifting about actual good to take place.  Yes, I understand that they have many fundamentalist traits such as belief that they alone are the truth, strong ingroup bias, and many stupid rules.  Yet Fundamentalist have more dumb rules that are downright plain cruel.  I would much rather talk to a non orthodox than a fundamentalist

Views on Pagan religions

They always say how the gods of pagan religions were immoral and self serving.  Yet they worship a god whos gonna torture all non fundamentalists.  And basically to them, as long as a murderer repents despite killing thousands of people, they still get into heaven without absolutely no justice or punishment just cause they said the correct incantation.  While people like Ghandi who was a righteous man should suffer endless punishment with no rewards just cause he did not say the right incantation.  So they have no room to complain about a bunch of sexually lustful, mischevious, or weak gods, when their god is the biggest narcissist who burns people forever for his own glory unless you go and say the right incantation. 

On Abortion

I find it ironic how they rant about the horrors of abortion, about how cruel and disgusting it is.  But their god is cruel and violent and the same bully to the helpless just cause he can.  Not to mention, abortion is not endless torment.  Not that I support abortion.  But whats especially Ironic is how they complain so much about it, yet hold to the belief that babies go to heaven.  Yet as soon as they reach the age of accountability, they are more likely to go to hell.  So by that logic, wouldnt it be cruel to bring them into a world where they are going to reach the age of accountability and more likely than not end up in hell?  Just some food for thought. 

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2 Responses Oct 10, 2011

These people are simply mean spirited and they use religion as an excuse to hate, vilify and exclude. It makes them feel superior when, in fact, they are despicable people with no moral fiber or true self respect. Same mentality as the folks who burned "witches" at the stake and converted millions at the end of a sword.

Folks here seem to mostly from Christian back ground, and who are rightly repulsed by Christian and other fundamentalism. I beg u not to use God generically but use J-god(Jehovah) and A-god(Allah) as God may mean some thing else to other people