"Hate" Is Probably the Correct Term

I wrote in my "I lost my religion" experience about why I intensely dislike fundamentalists, and it's because they completely abuse the notion of faith. I remember being taught by Jesuit priests that faith is never about certainty. If you are certain, then you don't need faith, and you don't need God. Faith is about acknowledging your doubts, and acknowledging your fears and your personal failings, and letting God fill in that void. It's extraordinarily presumptious to think that you know what God is thinking, and that's how fundamentalists come off. The other thing that is atrociously presumptious is judging other people as to whether or not they're going to Hell. The standard Catholic doctrine is that going to Hell is a personal choice. When you die, you choose to be with God, or you choose to stay away from him. The Catholic definition of Hell is the absence of God, and the whole idea of fire and brimstone and Satan with his pitchfork are all horribly archaic. But why would anyone ever choose Hell? Well, knowing what I know about human nature, I don't think it's all that outlandish. But seriously,  whatever happened to the whole "let you who are without sin cast the first stone" idea? What gives anyone a right to make these kinds of judgements? Nothing does, and anyone who plays this sort of game should be punched in the face.
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Let whoever is without sin, throw the first punch in the face.<br />
This story is pure hypocrisy and it is hypocritical to support it.<br />
Threatening people with physical violence is one way of trying to FORCE people to accept your view, that is far worse then some eventual threat of Hell after death since that is obviously real even to a non believer and immediate and is used all the time and not just against someone for believing in G-d.<br />
It is as fundamental as any person of a traditional religion, ever was and it helps prove the God fearing people right that without G-d, the world would be nothing but violent self serving bullies beating everyone they DECIDED for ANY excuse needed a 'punch in the face' .<br />
Road rage anyone?

I agree.<br />
They should be punched in the face.<br />
It might knock some sense into them.

Saying you "dislike fundamentalists" is a bit like saying you dislike schizophrenics. I think you mean you dislike fundamentalism; the extreme of their individual belief system, not the person themselves; you don't even know them so how can you dislike them?

Well, according to the Church, you somehow choose hell by comitting a mortal sin and dying without going to confession. Mortal sin-anything the popes and bishops dont approve. So basically, heres what happened. Your out on the beach, and some chick shows off her ***** or boobies. Guess what? Someone gets a little horny. Then a wave comes and kills the horny person,and they are sentenced to hell, and somehow wanted it. WHAT? I dont think so. That person never chose to see a naked chick, and get killed by a wave. But of course, you dont even learn supposedly how bad hell is until you get there. There is so little proof for hell. IF this hell thing is so serious, why is there nothing more than a bunch of drabble from some self righteous ******? BECAUSE ITS A FAKE!

Really? Where's the part where I try forcing everyone else to believe what I think is the ultimate truth? I think your sense of equivalence is awry.

And you call others judgemental and presumptuous? You are no different from what you are describing in others......Don't throw stones....just punches?

Hey, no one is perfect. If I ended up punching someone in the face, I think it would be doing both of us a favor: the guy who got punched would learn never to come near me again, and I would be able to properly channel my anger at the offending agent rather than projecting it on people who deserve better.

I was totally with you until the very last line about punching them in the face. You step down to their level when you say that...other than that, bravo to what you said.

Bravo, really like the part about automatic assumption that non-faithful are going to hell. I hate religion; it is mass ignorance and happy thinking. Get with the theories people, because the old answers don’t work anymore.