Let It Be

Now first of all I'm going to explain my definition of a fundamentalist so that you understand exactly what I'm talking about.

I see a fundamentalist as a member of a religion or group (any religion) who absolutely believes that their way is the only way and refuse to accept that somone else can have a different view to them.

Don't get me wrong, I respect and actually admire someone who can so fully believe in something and have unbending faith that they are right. I do not have a problem with that. My problem is with people who are so full of themselves and their beliefs that they will stop at nothing to ridicule other people's faith and beliefs (or lack thereof) and try to change their views whether they like it or not.

Here's a simplified example (very simplified). My favourite band is The Doors. I believe that they are one of the best bands ever. I also thoroughly dislike Eminem, I believe he has no talent at all. However, just because someone likes Eminem and doesn't like the Doors doesn't mean I am going to insult them for their taste and try and make them like the Doors instead. Also the other way round, it would **** me off if they trid to stop me liking the Doors and like Eminem instead.

It is my opinion that a person has their beliefs and if that is what they wish to believe, bloody well let them, What difference does it make to someone if someone believes different than them? It is their life, as long as they're not making human sacrifices or convincing idiots to kill themselves as part of their religion, why should it concern someone if they want to believe in Allah or Buddha or God or even their pet cat if they want to? As long as it isn't hurting anyone, let them do what the hell they want.

It's called free will, all people have it and have a right to have it. You can't have free will if someone is trying to force you to conform to what they believe just because they believe it is right. Everyone believed the world was flat at one point and you were a heretic if you said otherwise. They've since been proven wrong haven't they. Just because someone thinks they are right doesn't mean they are and it certainly doesn't give them the right to force that thinking on somone who believes differently.

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There is a saying "the world is divided into people who think they are right." One of my favorite sayings and I use it as a guide even with my own thoughts and judgement.

there is a massive, unimaginable force at work in the Universe. For something as simple and insignificant as humans to claim they know what it is, what it expects of us and give it a name is incredibly arrogant and utterly wrong.<br />
The fundamental foundation of science is to disprove all theories until they are confirmed through intensive studying and experimentation. Scientists don't just say things like gravity exists because we say so, but religious beliefs are ba<x>sed on what is written in a book, like snow white and the seven dwarfs. And yet people claim categorically that this is the truth and insist we live our lives by it.


I agree we all have our rights to belive and surve who we want to call god, where there its buda or beliving in no god , but dont shuve it down my throat if i dont belive what you belive , i am open to other religins . in the name of religin we have done so many wrongs . its sad what people do in god's name . like the priest that are hidden and protected and keep on hurtting kids its all good in gods name , i dont belive that . the kids should be protected . sorry i got off the subject . i dont attend church every time the doors open i am sick of never beging good enough as a christan to go to heaven , but they love to judge me . i go on wensdays and god knows my heart and i walk with my head held high. i do my best not to judge

Athiest sometimes do it to they become the things they set out to destroy I guess that's either the definition of irony or hippocritism cause like I once read this quote that said "atheism is merely a test of faith"' or something like that.

I agree. There is no reasoning with them, no opportunity to dialogue. They are right and everyone else is wrong - and God told them so. What do you come back with to a belief like that? And they want to impose this belief on you, make you live the way they say. I don't think so. And, yes, the Doors beat Eminem everyday of the week.

I'd say that you're pretty much right, but the fact is that people are "convincing idiots to kill themselves," as well as killing other people, not to mention infringing upon their natural rights. But in the individual cases you stated, that's exactly right.

I hear ya !! Great story !!!

The Doors were an extremely good band. I think Strange Days is their best album.

I agree that everyone should be able to have their beliefs and not cram it down someone else's throat.

i feel the same way you do. i believe what i believe and im not going to try and force my beliefs on someone else. i wouldnt want someone else to do that to me. if you want to be a fundamentalist go ahead. if you want to be an athiest be my guest. i guess fundamentalists feel it is their duty to recruit as many people as possible to "save" them. oh well i guess im going to hell too...

Let them live their lives? Live and let be right? No, because I've seen the effect that the fundamentalist memes can have, we all have...its mass stupidity in the form of protests and Sunday morning TV specials. The human race is crumbling and not least because we give religion undue respect. Stop respecting the religion, they don’t respect the atheist (Because we have an automatic ticked to Hell, they want to 'save' us). As long as we have alternate views, let us all put our opinions together in sensible sentences and argue our beliefs. If fundamentalists are so sure they’re right, why can’t they answer a few questions? Why can’t I go to a faithful person and explain my beliefs if they do the same? I would argue politics with my friends, why not argue universes?<br />
<br />
Oh, and on the ‘we believed the earth was flat’. You’re right of course, accepted science at that time was that the earth is flat, but how many centuries have passed since those days of Christian Science? We have massive pools of data and shared experiences to draw from now, we have power in our combined theories…but we lose that power when we fill voids with even bigger voids (meaning when they answer questions with ‘god did it’) I believe in a better Human race, liberal and technological and overwhelmingly scientific…religion doesn’t fit in there, so I try to give my point of view. The evidence for god is nil, he is as likely as anything else you can imagine. The logic behind that is undeniable. Logic is the future, those who ignore logic will live unhappy lives planning for an afterlife they really really hope will happen.

It may be something the fundamentalists claim to believe, but I went to a fundy church for a few weeks when one of my friends started dating a fundy and didn't want to go alone... they are constantly preaching about converting more people, understanding that no one will go to heaven except for them, and so on. There is no acceptance of personal differences in a fundamentalist church.

To HateMe:<br />
<br />
No, I'm sorry but that is not a fundamentalist belief. Fundamentalist believe that theirs is the right way and everyone should follow their way, not live and let live.

As far as I know, "As long as it isn't hurting anyone, let them do what the hell they want." is a fundamentalist belief. Just a thought.