I Am Fundamentally Opposed

Politicians are despicable.  (Frankly I think prostitutes operate on a higher moral plane than politicians.)  But at least politicians can be manipulated by traditional means - greed, ego, the promise of power.  But religious fundamentalists exist in another stratosphere.  There is no reasoning with them, and, there is no motivating them - because they are certain of their connection to God's will.  Remember, dear friends, that in mental hospitals, the belief that one is in close communication with God and intimately familiar with his will is frequently taken as evidence of insanity.   
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Love it - couldn't agree more!

theres no fun in fundamentalism [its from a song i have stuck in my head, i figured this was a good place to let it out].....

Adorable and smart! Yikes - real trouble! I take your point that what one does is not what one is - I am a writer by trade and avocation - but "writer" does not define me - I am also a father, etc. And I further agree that our need to categorize causes us to rely on cheap descriptive labels - and think we are done understanding that person. My only point here is that by retooling the labels and making them sound sweeter than they actually are, we drift further away from honesty. I'll give you an example. Until WWII, what is now called the "Defense Department" was called the "War Department." See the shift? When we invaded Vietnam, Granada, and Iraq - were we "defending" ourselves? Because writing is my thing - I try to treat words with precision. (Nice to encounter a serious, reasoning mind on EP.)

Well "BarbaraLovesThis," aren't you adorable! What a photo!<br />
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As a writer I am on a one man crusade against politically correct speech. I don't think it helps us "play nice," I think it turns us all into liars. I like to call things by their proper names, not by terms that describe what I wish them to be.<br />
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For example. Take the popular phrase - "sex worker." What nonsense. The centuries have already provided many terms to describe what is known as the "world's oldest profession." Strumpet, courtesan, tart, call girl, hooker, tramp, *****, lady of the evening, round heels, etc. <br />
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Intellectual honesty begins with calling things what they are.

Thanks for the heads up!

There is a new movie circulating on the internet that I think you should have a look at if you haven't already. I just finished watching it and I would be interested in your opinion on it. It is about all religions. It takes 1 hour and 23 minutes I think.<br />
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Show me someone who has all the answers and I'll show you someone who isn't asking the right questions.

H-m-mm- Fundimentalist , In my humble opinion generally atren't! <br />
In Re: Comparison between assassins and prostuites,<br />
Seems trerribly unfair to both. ;-)<br />
Have ta agree with ElLagarto here. <br />
ps is Mother always so rough on yaz? Lol<br />
Politicans use up air that a perfectly good cockroach could be using to better effect.<br />
Muslims, Christians ..Dosen't matter to me the non tolerant ones all suck.

By being a prostitute you invite abuse. The Johns are bad, the pimps are worse. Even if these women could do it on their own, the would still be engaging in a transaction that is demeaning and degrading to all parties involved.

Unfortunately, its usually the John's who take prostitution to a despicable place. Many sex workers are classy, safe and intelligent...then someone comes along and treats them like dirt.<br />
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My friends and I go out and give food and jewelry we made to the local working girls. they appreciate it kindly and I wish they could get away from the pimps and gangs. I wish they could do it on their own and on their own terms should they want to. I know plenty who would.

Indeed, lovingly referred to as, "The world's oldest profession." But murder's been around quite a while as well. In an ideal setting, were a woman to voluntarily exchange sexual favors for money, that would be selling herself short - but still, not so bad. But prositution almost never works like that. It is usually driven by desperation and is associated with violence, cruelty, and hideous exploitation. As a class, prostitutes are a very cynical, unhappy, and self-destructive lot.

Nothing wrong with prostitutes. Worlds first profession.

I will accept these nice words with humility and surprise. Diplomacy is truly an art - and much needed - but never a skill of mine. As a writer and artist I am much more comfortable in the roll of agent provocateur.

I'm of two minds about this. On one hand, it's really interesting to get various viewpoints on one, well-defined subject. On the other, sometimes it's like impovizational jazz. The initial subject is a starting point and the riffing goes who knows where? Often the sidetracks are surprising and more revealing than the orignal theme.

as the saying goes, "When 'mother' ain't happy, ain't no one happy!" ... eh?<br />
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"Mother" ... shall we get back on track? This was originally about religious fundamentalists ... NOT politicians, child abuse and violence. Just to set the record straight ... I hate it when it skips about.

Well, (sigh), originally it was about loathing religious fundamentalists - which is to say - finding them contemptible and downright frightening. But "Mother" is on some sort of diatribe - not to be confused with diet tribe - and until she's satisfied herself it will go where she commands. What can one do?

I thought the story was about religious fundamentalists rather than politicians???

I am not remotely threatened by the political opinions of others. You are welcome to yours. For what it's worth - I too am appalled by domestic violence and child abuse.

Why are you threatened by another persons political choice? My personal life and choices has absolutely nothing to do with how i view our government. As i have stated our entire system stinks.My opinion is the entire system needs a BIG ENEMA. i am a conservative by choice and am not venting rage toward anyone. My concern in our society is domestic violence and child abuse. Mother

When Psycho first came out, a man who had taken his daughter to see it tracked down Hitchcock's private phone number and called him. He complained that since seeing the movie, his daughter refused to take a shower. Hitcock's response was, "Send her to the dry cleaners."

I hope so.

My personal life has absolutely nothing to do with my political views. I am not a close minded person, every person has a right to their opinions. We do live in a free country, and i am not venting rage. I am more concerned about domestic violence, and child abuse, and thank you for reading my post, might be we could even become friends.

Prostitutes - and assassins for tha matter - are the ultimate freelancers - the ultimate professionals - measured strictly on results. If politicians were held to the same perfomance standards that are applied to prostitutes and assassins - no politician would ever serve a second term.

and you rarely see the desired (promised) affects either ... <br />
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At least with prostitutes the outcome is guaranteed...

True to form, CG is right on time. With prostitutes, you know what the terms of the deal are up front, and you get what you pay for. The same could not be said of politicians. With them, you pay all right, but you rarely if ever know why.

It's true what they say, "Sarcasm really is wasted on some people."<br />
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I've read a few of your posts, and I'm sincerely sorry for the many tragedies you've encountered. If you need to vent your rage - and pretend it's good natured humor - go for it. As has been observed by individuals far more clever than I am, "If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail to you."<br />
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Best of luck

Thank you so much lol lol lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for pointing out who posted this comment - the avatar on the left was way too subtle for me.<br />
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Next time you pose a question in a post, try ending the sentence with a question mark.<br />
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Now to your point, such as it is. I think it's very natural to compare politicians and prostitutes, because they both sell their dignity and self respect for money with no regard for how low they stoop.<br />
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p.s. Thanks for adding that very witty - lol - just can't see that enough, gets more clever, fresh, and entertaining each time.

Thank you for the compliment, now how intelligent is it to compare politicians with prostitution. Its mother again lol

Hi Not Billy: I'm not worried, I take my shots, people are allowed to swing back - even if they have nothing intelligent to say.

Don't worry ElLagarto, Mother is just going around every group and every story posting the same crap.

Thank you for sharing this insightful, and classy, observation with the group.

opionions are like ********, everyone has one lol

i love that