Yep......Gestures.....Gifts On My Whiteboard Are Redundant And Unnatural.........

For all of you who dislike gestures and gifts on your this group and make your comments.If I get lots of likes I'll mention about the removal of Gestures ,Gifts on WHITEBOARD  to EP........
So the voting starts .................

P.S:I'm NOT against Gifts and Gestures. Since they have their place ,there is no need to put the same on white board  which makes them redundant and unnecessary.
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Yes what is up with that I like how they used to be seperated.

yep :)

I liked the gifts and gestures where they were. I do not like them on the whiteboard. it is more than redundant. It is annoying.


Talk out.


yes agree ! thanks for posting! i can live with it LOL.. seems have to just go with what EP wants most the time~

thank you ;)

While I did not like gifts and gestures at first, it is only the gestures I don't like on it now. And this is what changed my mind about the gifts...when we write a message on someone's WB, don't you think it nice if we could add a flower or something? It really makes the WB look pretty. O.K. I'm a female, but I actually like it now, and there is still the option to send gifts privately.<br />
The gestures are definately redundant, and the only thing that shows up on the WB are the two names. It does not even show the gesture, so it really is a waste of space. <br />
Btw, I wrote a story about this, and let my feelings be known to EP, but this is a good idea about starting this group. Thanks! :)

yup!I agree with you!Thank you!:)

Rated it up. <br />
As I said, I think that the gestures posting on your whiteboard is:<br />
A) Pointless: The reason we have a gestures and gifts wall is for that purpose..<br />
B) Take up too much room: It's hard to just get to your actually whiteboard you have to scroll and skip through all of the gesture and gift posts.<br />
<br />
Cheers. :)

These are the exact reasons!Thank you!:)

NP :)

Think about this: Today, I wanted to write a message on someone's WB, but thought wouldn't it be nice if I could add a pic to it, so I sent a gift publicly instead. The result is, I can now send a message to a WB, and have the option of adding a nice pic to it. It just seems nicer. So now I think of the gifts on the WB as a nice way to send a message. It's the choice I like.

yup.....but still there is unnecessary cluttering !and such cases like yours are exceptions in my opinion!:)

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But i like it:D

Hmm.......if you feel that way its okay!:)

Not sure why they changed this but have to admit, it's a bit of a nuisance to have them posted on my whiteboard as well as gestures, hope they change this

yup...I too feel the same .....thank you for the support!:)

I liked it just the way it was. Gestures in the gesture area and whitewall messages only on whitewall and gifts in gift area. Its kinda redundant...I agree.

You're right!Thank you :)

i enjoyed having my gifts or gestures on my gifts page then on my whiteboard

yup......yup.....!Thank you!:)

I don't mind them appearing on my whiteboard as well.

hey .........what ???you don't mind them ???you mean to say dislike them right?

Well of course the whole thing is redundant and clogs up your whiteboard. I'm not sure why they thought it would be a good idea.'re right!

I totally agree with you, this is by far the worst "improvement". EP should stop making changes, it was just fine the way it was.

girl......did you like(I mean "rate it" ) my post ? becoz the no of likes will be the criteria for me based on which I'll ask EP to reconsider their new enhancement!

Sorry I had to log in on my pc to rate it up, I can't do that from my phone

oh that's okay........thank you for rating it up!:)

Me too...all my gestures is visible to anyone who looks at my strange is that? <br />
And i guess it is just fine to show that in gesture section rather than gesture and WB both places...umm...EP please think logically!! I hope they will :( is !