I Delete Gestures From My Whiteboard!!

I'm not to keen on this EP development - I'm in the habit of sending lots of gestures and receiving lots in return. Just silliness really, but the whiteboard gets cluttered and it's so easy to lose track of the conversations that are running there. So please don't be offended if you see your gesture disappear from  my whiteboard - it's just a bit of housekeeping - that's all!! 
Inspector999 Inspector999
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7 Responses Jul 6, 2012

I like gestures: they are a quick way to say "Hello, I'm thinking of you, do you want to chat?"
But I don't want them on my whiteboard. I certainly don't need two notifications for the same gesture.

I don't know why it is necessary that the gestures appear on our whiteboard, I hope it's only a glitch they will repair.

I'm all for round-filin the gesture/whiteboard combination speriment.

I hate it too. But I don't receive that many so it's not as much an issue for me.

Agree with all of the above.

I'm not lovin this either....

I do the same. I was also annoyed to find that if I click on the reply with a gesture on the whiteboard, it doesn't fill in the recipient's name. Seems silly to have the same thing show up in two places.