So Annoying!

I do wonder if people just post these quizzes for themselves or for their friends only. Because they don't make it easy for an outside person to join in the fun! :-/

If it is an blogthing quiz, I can find it and I will always post a link on my stories, so another person can join in! But, not everyone knows that how to find a blogthing quiz OR that I have the link included with my story! So, that's a little unfair. :-(

I wonder if the person realizes that they could have more people joining their groups, if they posted a link in the header. And if they didn't want to have a group, but just wanted to share their results to a quiz, they could have done so in their blog. These EP groups are made for joining and that's what we're gonna do! Whoo-hoo! XD

Otherwise, it is annoying when I see some great quiz group, but have to go hunting for the link on blogthings. THAT is, if it's a blogthing quiz. If it's not and it's one of those other quiz things, I am completely lost in finding it. :-/

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1 Response Feb 26, 2009

You could always google the name of the quiz? Some people are just thoughtless ******. (/sarcasm)