99 Nine Red Balloons Go By

You may ask why the title of this story, well it is because I remember when this song came out back in the 80's and it was so popular, a catchy tune . . . and 99 RED balloons. RED in those days was not one of my favorite colors. The color of blood, my monthly blood. I hated it. Back in the 80's until the mid-90's I used to teach fitness and aerobics, and you can imagine how difficult it was to be energetic, up-beat, in a good mood and trying to look normal in your leotard, while jumping and moving about when that was the last thing I wanted to be doing during that time of the month. Yes, that was I. Terrible cramps, feeling so bloated, uncomfortable, and yet having to be there, teaching my faithful students their aerobics classes. I recall one time when I was not the teacher of this evening class but the student, as I was taking the class of a fellow instructor (a female). Our uniform leotard was cute and WHITE !!! Suddenly, her period started and inevitably, she stained herself. The class was coed so, there were some guys there too. Poor girl, she immediately stopped her class (we used to teach facing a large mirror,  with our backs to the students), and she begged me to please take over which, needless to say, I did. She then ran to the bathroom in embarrassment. Out of respect to her, I took over her class as if nothing had happened. Nothing was mentioned. No one made any comment about it. I did not see my fellow instructor until the next day. We never spoke about the incident. What for? It can happen to any woman. All we can do is to be as well-prepared as possible; but the exact day and time your period will start is almost impossible to predict. Therefore, in my opinion, that is what makes us hate it even more ! I believe that the day it finally stops, I will be celebrating MY FREEDOM ! I will celebrate like . . . it is 1999 while 99 RED BALLOONS GO BY !
Anglais76 Anglais76
Aug 12, 2010