It's Just As Bad As Homophobia

I have noticed a few extreme views on here recently from presumably gay people. I have absolutely nothing against gay people in any shape or form. Sometimes people post anti "straight" opinions to further their views. Do they not realise that is the exact same thing as homophobia? Live and let live people.
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you have just tumbled to the fact that gays are actually normal, ordinary people - , just as likely to be opinionated and bigoted as anyone else...

and yes you can join a gay pride march if you are not gay, its a rainbow flag that covers all expressions of human gender and sexuality. A pity the Football Association doesnt seem to realise that, as NOT ONE gay footballer has found it safe to come out

and BTW if civil partnerships gave gays & lesbians equality why cant it equally be called marriage then? Or did only straight people invent it?

and why did it take so long for Her Majesty`s armed forces to realise that LGBT people were perfectly capable of handling a gun and dying for their country ( as they did in their hundreds of thousands concripted in two world wars)

That's interesting.

I don't even know how one could discriminate against straight people for being straight... do they call you "breeders" or something?
Really, I can't think of anything else to say against a straight person that could be considered hateful.

I posted a comment earlier on a thread entitled "Why straight marriage is the real abomination". Does that help?

I'm going to check it out, brb. :-)

Good for's seriously weird, like the rantings of a lunatic.

Back and seriously? You're offended by that? Come on... they just tried to grab the bible out of people's hands and hit them back with it.
That's not discrimination, I'd even call that selfdefence.

How can you whine about such a thing when you created a story about not supporting gay marriage yourself?
Not supporting gay marriage is homophobic in nature, it says "you don't deserve what I deserve because you're different", your religious freedom doesn't has jurisdiction in other people's lives and happiness.
Most homophobes are ignorant about it, but it takes a speshul one to feel offended when someone tries to defend themselves against YOUR hate.

So sorry, I'm not going to agree with this, maybe if you had a better reason, I'd consider it, because I'm all in favour of tolerance.

Did you read why I think gay marriage should not be supported?

It's not homophobic at all.

Feel free to believe what you think about me, but do try and be tolerant.

I am tolerant, you're the one who thinks marriage is only for straight couples, there's nothing wrong with their love, it's just (or maybe even more) as loving as straight love.
And that you whine about heterophobia is just ridiculous, I think it's the creme de la creme of privilege, there's simply nothing to discriminate there!

Marriage by are surmising a lot of things that I haven't written about at all. Try reading my story, I have no problems at all with gay couples.

You only have a problem with them when they want equal rights, like the right to marry... of course that's not homophobic! /sarcasm

I want every human being to have equal rights.

she's a feminist. i wouldn't listen to her.

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