For example:

Some models gets paid more than fire fighters and heart surgeons just for wearing the new "trend"
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Yeah, or celebrities in general. (Both music and aports celebrities, and, well... any of them) They get way too much money! More of it should be spend on garbage men, or vetenarians (spelled correctly I think) Heck, people always make a drama of those needy kids in africa, and animals that have suffered abuse, but if just a bit of the money that celebrities would get, go to them, they'd be better off now and there would be no need to bother those who can't afford to donate.

If there just wasn't the need for people to give celebrities basically all our money, but instead give some to the poor, then there'd also be way less poverty. What do celebrities do for us? Often they don't even sing themselves on stage. Some sportsman suck worse than a baby on ****. They don't even provide any important service like garbage men do.

I think it's kinda messed up how this works. Wish more people were concerned about helping one another.

Models get paid so much for their circulation in the public. If we did the same for FF, teachers, police and doctors/nurses countries would go broke. Nifty idea tho.