Yess I Hate Him For What He Done Did K ?

He took thast Hotty Twatty Anna Nicole and dider then tryed to kidnap the damng baby.. i just think he's a douche' ..oh ok my story on why i dis like Howard Stern k..cause he kept her offt the stupid weigh machine when i had 20 dollrs on her to bust 280 lbs .. i could of been rrrrich ***** ! ..i hate Howard Stern k. ty .
MrWienerWrinkles MrWienerWrinkles
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Howard Stern is a duffas!!! He sucks farts out of dead chickens and then masturbates!!!

yesss he's fowl sucker .. has to pull the pud now .. cause he whakked Anna .. he's a dumbass for a Lawyer & a terrible drug peddler .. Hey Now pots legal across the creek :weeeeeeeeeeee:

ope apparantly iVe been told to postse w/ 'autenticity & respect w/ my replys concerning Howard Stern k? .. i thought this was America and i could hate somebody if i wanted? i feel iVe been mis led .. i should move to canada .