The Beanstalker

Okaay this is a story about the Magnificent Bean.:.This is 1MeanBean k .. he hates mee & i dont care ..

he dont throw rocks at mee to much ..

so i dont shave his hair ..

1MB he dont like Bushes

1MB he dont like Malls

1MB dont like pololitiks either ..

*Unless it's Bidin on Meatballs ..

1MB lolaays the Goose thast lays the Golden eggse ..

1MB cracks alolotta eggs

& when the begger begs in rags ..

he sags

& Offers him a Job

as MrTeaBag in drag & have his pick of any flea flie floie faeg on his show ..

How can anybody ever forget Homeless Jeopardy k? ..

MrWienerWrinkles MrWienerWrinkles
46-50, M
Dec 12, 2012