Howard Sterns Western K:

Lololookie there up yonder ontop the ridge !

It's The Strange Stranger & his HorseToothed Jackass ..BabaBillytheGoatFukkerBooie..And ill wager they're lolookin for CowBell :lol:

well they'll never finder cause Cowbell is mine :lol:

Thast right i got all the Piggies & Cowbell & all DikWeedSacketts whorsies & if DikWeed wantsem back him's gona have to meet me @ HighNoon ..Western time k?

you tell turkky neck DikWeedSackett & his HorseToothed JackAss BabaPigRoperBoouie ..Im here to save the Farm & if i have to wade n wallow n weed thru the bullshiit i will k? Cause Im TucO PacificO BennificO Ramirez & Hey DikWeed!

Do You Know Whatchyu Are ???

Just a drty no good son of AKK HA !

MrWienerWrinkles MrWienerWrinkles
46-50, M
Dec 13, 2012