Last Day Of My Haunikkah Stew

& it's blending n boiling n bubbling & it's gona be bitchen ,

& HoHoHoWad caant eat the porkie parts :WAAA:!

BabaBabyGorrila caant haave any cause hims too ffat ;WAAA! ..

& FleaFlieFlowMop the Wop BaBaButtBreathBooie aint gettin none cause hims not invited either .. :LOLLERS:

im cannin it & sending it for giftse !

from the westside to eastside so everone wiffs :eww weee:

in some dis carded kerr jars

thast the lids dont suck

im sendin a case to his emp the royal hiney Carver

& the yukko clolown f*kk ..

a case of kerrs to ETM of course of course ..

for condololences at being dissed for the AFFLAKK duck

OoOooOoOhhHHhh & the rest of Plaanet come n gettit im alllll outta kerrs n caant cannit

Get ahold of DonnyDumptruck

And ban it :ban::ban: :ban:

mmm Goobie Goobie Joo stew & skip to my loo
MrWienerWrinkles MrWienerWrinkles
46-50, M
Dec 16, 2012