They have been the bane of my existence - the first one being my sister, as it mean she was not the only daughter anymore and having a new baby in the family 18 years later, also lent to some resentment of me - resentment that was acted out in oh so many ways, to ensure that I will remain estranged to her forever.

Then there was my mother- who it continues with to this day, as I was my father's favourite, I was the one she would have to turn to if she wanted a favour from him, as she had wound him up with so many years of resent that he had given up, knowing that in giving her what she wanted, she would still pervert that and make it into a form of argument.

Then there are the attacks, the jibes, to do with my age or how I look and why I am in such a job.  The way I dressed last Saturday night to go to a bar, as the little black dress had not been the choice of the other women there.  At work, the jealousy of office politics, as I got to go to a meeting yesterday that I am still not recovered from, I am being snided today by those that were not invited.

The best one being the best friend that dumped me when I was anorexic as i was thinner in her wedding pics than she was, and she no longer had a fat friend to go clothes shopping with.  She turned against me for that one reason, as I can so no other motive, declaring that in life we bring on our own darkness.  (Karma is a ***** though and she now is reminded of her words due to post-matrimonial depression)

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I can relate too. Men love me, women hate me...before I even get to know them! I pity the women who are jealous because jealously is the ugliest thing of all. Another thing that drives me nuts is when the same women who hate me copy everything I do from what I wear to my job, my car, and even what I plant in my garden! Men are so much better to have as friends in my experience. :)

Why are Female relationships so complicated?<br />
<br />
Why can't we all be flipp'n pretty? <br />
<br />
I find this so unnerving. Gezzz I feel as if my head is going to explode! <br />
<br />
I love girls! Girls Rock! <br />
<br />
I'm drunk <br />
<br />
Woohoo!<br />
<br />
GirlPower!<br />
<br />
Sorry for Hijacking.... o well...Jersey Shore Rocks!

I dislike angry women that cause my friends to be banned from my life.

I have a daughter who is fourty and a dauther who is twenty-one. I can relate completely. But I have no good answers. Their problems continue to this day.

Yep i can relate, its so true, alot of women in paticular cant stand competion of any sort! Wether it be someone more succesful, prettier, thinner, ect, jealous *******! I dont think like that myself, i have friends of different races, shapes and ages, cant stand the competitive women! I have plenty of friends who i consider much more attractive then myself, its their inner qualities i love not the fact they make me look fatter ect.