I Have Dealt With My Share.

I have had so many people lie to me in my life.  Now I find it hard to trust anyone :(

Like the guy I was involved in a long-distance relationship with for three years.  Now I find these stories hilarious, I've already got a smirk on my face thinking about it, but back then it wasn't so fun dealing with a liar, master manipulator.

  1. When we first met (online) he told me he was from and lived in a small town in my state.  But after several hours of IMs, I found out he was living in FL.  He told me he was there for college, living with a roomate.  Days later, I found out he had never lived in my state at all, just his grandma did.  A few weeks later I found out he was a high-school dropout, with a daughter he'd abandoned and hadn't seen in years, his "roomate" was his mom and her boyfriend (who owned the home) and he worked at a plastics factory. 
  2. Originally he told me he was going to drive up to see me, come to find out he had no car or license.
  3. I know it sounds crazy already, all the red flags, why I wouldn't end it.  But I was only fifteen at the time.  He was nineteen.  He made up a huge story about why he wasn't in his daughter's life.  In the beginning he didn't tell me about her.  He told me he would like to have two kids.  The night he told me he had a daughter, he told me we could never ever have kids.  He told me that the reason he wasn't around his child was because his ex used to throw knives at him and abusive stuff.  Then she got him arrested after a fight they'd had.  Which could've been true, but she never got a court order saying he couldn't see his kid so it didn't make sense why he wasn't in her life.
  4. He would tell me hilarious stories.  Then I'd see a stand-up comedian using the same story in his routine on comedy central later.  (he was telling me stories he heard on tv!)  One time he told me about how he had to take his niece to the store to get pads...  It was long and drawn out.  Then I heard the story on some comedy show.  Later I found out, his only niece was one month old at the time he told that story.  A one year old doesn't even need pads!
  5. Once he called me after a couple months of us not talking.  He told me he was out in Las Vegas on business.  Okay, I was so naiive, I didn't realize that someone who works in a plastics factory doesn't get sent on elaborate business trips where they stay in fancy hotels and get rental cars and stuff (he didn't have a license but told me he had gotten a rental car).  He was going on and on about his hotel room and stuff, and I heard his mom's bird chirping in the background!
  6. He often exaggerated the status of his job.  When he would call me he would walk around acting like the head honcho of the place.  Claiming he was "head of maintenence" and that he had his own office and bathroom. 
  7. When his abusive side came out, he wanted to make little condescending comments to me.  He'd say, "Well, i've got a mortgage to pay!", meanwhile I once heard an argument with his mom and she said, "You don't even pay rent!"  All of his money went to drugs, I guess, because I know he was working full time and he had no bills to pay, but never had money.
  8. One time we didn't talk for months and when he finally called me again he said he'd gotten a new car.  I knew he wasn't lying cause I always heard him driving it and crap.  But he told me that he'd gone on a business trip to Germany (Yeah right!) and it was his rental car.  So he told his boss how much he liked it and his boss had it shipped to the US for him.  UGH!
  9. One time he told that his best friend was killed in a car accident.  He sounded so sad.  I made a big fuss over how sorry I was.  Then, days later, he was telling me about how he'd gotten his friend a job and they'd been together the day before.  WTF?!?  Sick sick sick.
  10. He would often make up stories where he made himself look like some sort of badass.  Like, one time his grandma had to go to the hospital and he said he told the doctors and nurses they were all wrong and "demanded" they go back for more tests, they did it, and his opinion ended up being right over all of the medical professionals. 


I am so glad he is out of my freaking life lol!

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I sympathise. According to statistics around 68% of users who find mates over the internet lie through their teeth, pretending to be something their not. Glorifying their lives. I think some part of you, somehow wanted to believe this man though, which is why you hung on so long...looking for a glimmer of truth. Thank heavens you got away when you did...and note...not everyone is like that. There are truthful and sincere people out there. It's just sorting the wheat from the chaff.