Fake Fraud And Liar A Poem By Rosalind " You Think That You Know Someone Then Think Again.... "

It makes no sense really
the words just kind of
float around my head
Time has forgotten
yesterdays sorrows.
My eyes gaze upwards
with hate.
You broke my heart into
tiny ragged pieces
You walk about our house
if nothing has happened
What planet are you on
Mars or something
I have had just about
enough of you to
last me a life time
You know what quickly
just leave don't ever come back....
But I forgot you're to much of a coward
to face up to leading me up the garden path.?
Who do you think are.
Well I will tell you
A fraud
Fake and a liar
For I am hurting real bad
inside ..........
rosesweet rosesweet
56-60, F
Jan 11, 2013