She's just a child

I greatly oppose this kind of manipulation. Children, girls for that reason, needs their time to spend their years as children. To play and act like children in their natural and pure ways. Not exposing them to competitions and rivalries according to how adults have selfishly created for their own pleasure. Children should experience freedom to enjoy having friends and not to teach them about winning and loosing. And make an input to their lives that outside looks is more important than anything else in the world, which parents of this little girls strongly believe.
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It is disgusting... these sick women manipulating their children into living out their own dreams... and the creepy voyeurs who give them a reason to do so... childhood is so brief... it should be enjoyed without such perverse exploitation...

Oh yes, the voyeurs!! Just to think about these voltures gives me the creeps! This part of the world is heading to one thing, bad.

My son had left the TV on in the 'teencave' and I was planning on doing some work in there a couple of days ago and one of these "shows" was playing on the TV. I will admit that I stopped in mid-step and watched about 2 minutes of the show. Enough to see the "drama" of the moms and the manipulation of the daughters......

So totally wrong in so many ways........

And there is this one medium that helps them have their way with their manipulations. . .it's FB. It's just all wrong, and yet it's there.
And I just can't take more than five minutes being there (FB). . .it just feels wrong.

It is so very sad.<br />
Without sounding too judgmental, a majority of the pageant moms seem to have very little concern for their own appearance. I am not just talking about physical looks, these moms are extremely ugly in how they treat their children and others.<br />
<br />
This is a topic I could go on and on about. It is just so wrong.

Thank you for sharing them to me here Lilt.