Why? They Deystroyed My Niece, That's Why.

Okay, so my bro and his girlfriend have a little girl, Ella, 7 y/o. She has a couple of problems with her behaviour (slight over-anxiety, dyslexic), but nothing that effects her normal life too much. However, she has entered many beauty pageants now, and has never won one, not even close. Each time, Amy (my sister in law) spent a fortune on dresses, shoes, hair; anything that would make Ella feel better and more confident at these pageants.

They destroyed her. Seriously. Now, even though she is only 7, she has real anxiety and confidence problems, always worrying about how she looks. Please, any advice?
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I dislike these things, just because the adults are more competitive initially than the kids! Yep, as you have found there's lots of psychological damage for these kids....

Treat her as normal.....play with her friends...run....play with dolls...get covered in mud and stuff.....and just let her enjoy......

Kids are pretty resilient....and with plenty of nurture she'll be ok...


Sammy Jo xx

Thats just sad!! Take her out often, buy her icecream, take her to parks and let her associate with more girls her own age...she should live the life a child should live! :)