This Is Just Wrong!

Okay, this is just not right, I don't care what anyone else says, a 10 year girl wearing sexy dresses, make-up, heels and chicken fillets is quite frankly disturbing. Very disturbing. Children should not be sexed up like this, no wonder children are no longer acting like children but little adults in childrens bodies.

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Agreed! Seriously what happened to the innocence that childhood represents? I remember when I was 10, we used to play with toys and video games, and it was fancy free time not regimented beautifacation....

I can't help but wonder if seeing things like this feeds pedophiles.

giggelets - thankyou for your pre-judgement on people that have opinions on the subject, basically what your saying is that people who oppose beauty paegents are ugly trophs. Please give valid argument on the subject matter itself not us because thats not what we are talking about. Thanks.

I agree to the exploitation of little girls by the overly obscessive parents who want to Win at most any cost. Its hard to belive that some spend thousands of $ on admission, coaches, stylists and even the dresses and costumes. Some have hundreds of trophies and their shelves not to mention dozens of tiraras. I feel that the contests got out of control when it was allowed to use tanning spray, and hair extensions to add to the 'dressing up' portion. Little girls with spiraling curls and up do's looked just fine without the added 'adult' expenditures. Let the older girls have those things. The Toddler and younger school age should do without.

umm i used to watch ''toddlers n tiaras'' n i remember once a girl that said ''my mom sais im like barbie.i ll win the contest'' her mom would b excited ..the girl didn win n started crying .. i mean if someone watches that,a kid would say ''im not mom would love me or think i am good enough like them if i had dresses like that n move like that etc etc '' .. or dangerous things like kids that get lost ,don u think there r ppl that r bad ?those r just kids..their parents should know better....yeah

I agree....let these little girls be "little girls" not dressed up girls to look like women!

Thanks for that eccentricone, just read that girls story, shocking stuff. She's a kid!

If you search hard enough there is a debate between one pageant "tool" and in in this very experience group. ;)

Yeah, if you can see the psychology behind it, because the mothers have aged, the project their own fantasies on their children, very wrong.

Give it a couple years and they'll be on sunbeds.

Some of the even younger ones like the 4 year olds get tans as well. Those spray tans but STILL. It's disgusting. I sure as hell hope those parents stop breeding.

I agree heartonnalivewire, whats going to happen to the next generation? There was a programme on telly quite recently about this 10 year old girl that is so vanity obsessed that her mum pays for her to have highlights, monthly facials and to go to tanning salons. She doesn't do anything a normal 10 year old girl does and you only have to look at the mother, she actively encourages it.

These parents are trying to live their lives through their children.Its wrong.No wonder pedos run rampant. There is a unending supply of little girls dressed like grown women for them to gawk at!It amazes me at some of the dance routines these parents teach their children.On TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras this little African American girl,7 yrs. old now,was dancin like she was in a club.You know what I mean.Where have peoples values gone? When I was growing up,you didnt even see a commercial for panties.Now We have little babies prancing around in two piece bathing suits, dancing like little hussies at their parents approval.And then fifteen years later you either see them on Intervention,16 and pregnant or on My sweet 16(being superfical and spoiled)And the parents sittin there whining ''I dont know what went wrong or why is she like this''Get A Clue!! Oh I could go on and on about just how wrong this is.

it causes not for that the parents but for those TV & fasion shows & the co. where this types of dresses registered.

Thing is, when is this nonsense going to end, it gets worse in an already vanity obsesed world with the addition of greed. I can't believe the attitudes of some parents, they seem totally oblivious to the multiplying problem. I have to say, I rarely see kids playing on tree's etc, its either video games for boys or catwalk for girls. WTF!

Agree not right, kids should be aloud to be kids. Its those bloody crazy parents that are looking for something that is missing in their crazy lives, selfish people they are. And i'm been really polite about those selfish ********!!!!

Yep. I remember seeing a "toddler and tiara" or whateverthefarck that show is called once. This little girl won and the mom was grinning while she was flashing those benjamins. I wanted to punch her in the throat.

i agree, just proves what some of these parents will do to make a dollar at the expense of their daughters. how sad.

I'll give a PG version here of what I think of these parents. It's mostly the mothers and the fathers are just along for the ride of the mom. If the father is even involved. I grew up in the South and there is ALWAYS a little beauty pageant going on around here. Yes I still live here and yes I see the signs. In south Alabama there is one called "Miss Rattlesnake Rodeo." I. Am. Not. ********. You.

I know, can you believe that some kids refuse to go to school without lashings of make up and want a boobjob by the time they hit 16. Their parents normally take a backseat and are way too relaxed about it all. What does that say to them. This interwines with the media and beauty magazines which young children are already reading. Children are already feeling insecure about their looks at such young age. Thing is the magazine models are regularly touched up with programmes like photoshop, these are not real women but are stick insects which channels its way into teenagers heads aswell.

Probably the one of the worst examples of the parents re-living their lives through their kids. I can't by the reasoning that their kids say they like it. What child won't say that if what they do appears to make their parent s happy and they end up receiving the parents affection and "love" for participating.