Blame The Parents

My mom was like that.. really into little girl beauty pageants and stuff because "Oh, they look sooo cute!!" and would dress me up like a barbie doll too.. It's horrible all around and probably for most of the lil girls in the pageants too, of course there's some that LOVE the attention and throughout life NEED the attention. It's the parents that want to treat their kids like real life barbie dolls, with the clothes and the makeup and the hair..

s3xyrixa s3xyrixa
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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

i have 2 doughters and i dont like that crap dressing ur babby up like a women with all that make up and crap kids should be kids and lil girls should be able to climbe trees and have a blast not be there mom lil dress up dolls it seems to take away the lil girl now she has to dress look and act like a women plus to manny pervs out there srry had to get that out lol

I agree, it's pretty much just a competition between the parents to see which girl can look the most fake.