I've dealt with more mean people than the average person, in my opinion. Then again, it seems 'mean people' are on the rise. I know that I'm still pretty young, but I remember a few years back a lot of the websites I use now weren't so filled with spiteful comments. I would say that it's just the internet being used as a vessel for these people to get away with being rude, however, I've had many real life experiences of angry/mean people as well. There are many things we could all blame our bad moods on but when it comes down to it, it's not worth to treat people that way, even strangers. I think people get that mentality where it's like, "Oh I'll never see this person again, who cares if I offend them." It just sickens me. I try my very best to be nice, but some of these people can bring out the worst in me.
I've also tried to reach out and extend my hand to some people seeming to have bad days, and it seems to just make people even madder. It's ridiculous, because I feel as if everyone these days are just turning into monsters.
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I agree with u that people abuse others through websites and throughout normal life some would call them
cowards They know they will never see these people face to face so they just let loose because inside they have so much hurt and misery themselves ..why else would u hurt people in that way...if your are content and at peace it wouldn't be in you to hurt another person. You are very kind to offer your support even when people snap your hand off. I know its frustrating and makes you mad (me too) but the world needs more people like you. Kind words and actions spread its a slow process but its needed. Change your thoughts and you change your experiences...this is what needs to be taught in school kindness and empathy. You are a very kind person keep it up :):)

Aw, well I thank you!! You brightened my day! :D

I am a loner because of these things. Yes and being nice to some make it worst their like a mean dog you try to pet but it just bites you. It is nothing you can do about it, especially online. Just keep your head up. Oh and don't let them change you.