I not only disrespect men who don't respect women but I also dislike when women disrespect men.  It goes both ways.  Everyone should be respected.
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I am glad to see someone make a sensible comment. TOO many people (men and women) are eager to blame the other side while forgetting that ANY relationship (even an abusive one) requires TWO participants. "You can't lose if you don't play" is the message I instilled in my daughters. Thankfully, they've been in healthy relationships, and are clear that ANY abuse will not be tolerated. It's a message they've seen enacted by me, when they were many years younger...

Nice reply. :)

Whoa! :O Now THAT is what I call a creepy profile. O_O and comment, and stories and photos.. wow, just wow. Like a textbook specimen example of twisted pervery, even trying to make wolf-in-sheep's-clothing "I'm a real good guy" comments it's impossible for the warped mindset to not betray itself.. but the profile, groups, stories, make it abundantly clear what type of person this is.

Thanks SM.