A man's disrespect toward women comes from their low self esteem cause they are crap at getting others to respect them by simply respecting others...that's why they try their dirty tricks on women who are vulnerable , weak,naive or kind hearted and behave disrespectfully toward women...it's easy prey for men. That's ok though when their own female family members are disrespected through abuse, violence or hurt by another man that's what it makes it all worthwhile!What comes around WILL go around! And if this isn't enough to  get the man to respect women then they are a waste of space and a lost cause-inhumane and worthless!
berrychic berrychic
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not true at all. some women need to be put in their place. a man's gotta do it.

its called collective karma

I agree, the same is true of a women's disrespect and flaming rage towards men. It comes from their own self-esteem/

Very True :)

haha, are you agreeing that their LACK of self esteem causes it?

When you have a total lack of respect for yourself, you attract these sort of jerks, went out with several men who really hated women, would never go down this road again., don't hate, just don't be too trustful.....takes a long time to forgive and forget, you will heal eventually over time.... have to say that we all create our own demons/devils in this life. Be careful out there.....its dangerous.

Thank you for the thought.It helps to know.

they are a lost cause, berrychic.... radical feminists have been trying for decades to trust men to change on their own but they won't. so long as female hatred and violence is rife in this world, we have a long way to go.

I agree as sad as that sounds