No Fear, But Fear Itself

This is something I wrote when I was 9yrs old. I was molested when I was eight by an 18yr old male...

People or rather men hurt me
It is so calming like the air we breath
Thing is I don't feel or care for that matter any more
Just think if you were dead would you have to feel? know...tell me
What do you gain from life or love?
I am heartless many tell me
Others say I'm pitiful
I don't know, what do you think?
I am this way because the race of men
Men underestimate me
People who know me well, fear me
Looks can be deceiving
Yet pain and suffering makes the body strong
Don't cry out of hurt but out of pity
Don't say sorry if you hurt someone but say your welcome
Don't show mercy but make them beg
If they beg for death, torture them by letting them live
If a man ever lies to you, seek justice
Cut off their tongue
If men so do love us then why all the pain
If a man ever used you, make him pay with his reputation
Or something even worse
Do not show leniency, but brutality
How did I get this way you might ask
Do not ask me, ask your self that question...
What is the answer.....
MoodSwingBetty MoodSwingBetty
18-21, F
Dec 9, 2011