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Cherish The Women In Your Life

Cherish the women in your life.

Always remember she is someone's daughter
How would you treat her if she was your own daughter

She is likely someone's sister
If she was your sister would you kick your own *** for the way you treat her

She might be someone's mother
Show her the same respect as you would your own mother

She's a cousin, she's an aunt, she's a niece, she's a wife, she's a friend, she's someone's best friend, she deserves respect, she deserves love, she deserves kindness.

Always remember she plays many roles in life and always treat her how you would treat any of these important women in your life
TexasBrian TexasBrian 36-40, M 2 Responses Feb 1, 2013

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Brilliant :-)

seriosly..this is soo amazing! Glad to know there are still some men who still think this way :) Every woman needs to be treated like a queen :)

Thanks... They absolutely do deserve to be treated like a queen!