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I think there are no real men in our world anymore most of them treat women wrong and abuse then then toss them aside and break their hearts. I hate men like this they are selfish prideful scumbags. A women should be treated with respect and love not like a toy. Women have needs that should be met by their man not just sex. Im talking about their emotional means they need a guy who will be there for them through anything and pay attention to what they have to say and encourage and edify them. Most men today do none of that stuff. The the girl is broken an doesnt want another relationship so she passes the good guy up and that makes us feel like crap. The real men out there most of the time do not even get a chance because we are passed up for the ******** and then after the women is hurt they dont want to try again.   

Anyway i just feel there are not a lot of real men out there anymore and it makes me sad to see so many women hurt and broken.

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"the girl is broken an doesnt want another relationship so she passes the good guy up "

yeah, whatever helps you sleep at night. Maybe these women are opting to execute their free will and going after these ******** because they actually LIKE them.

Kid, you are still young enough to believe in Santa Claus to. Women do want men to meet their non-sexual needs, like emotional, encouraging, etc. These men are called friends and are placed in the friend zone where they can watch their love go out and bang other dudes because he is such a good friend and too nice that she doesn't think of him in a sexual way. She is broken and doesn't want a relationship with you because you are too nice. Guarantee you that as soon as a bad boy gives her the look, she will be ready and willing forgetting about her past heartache as she tries to tame her next badboy. Women/girls are getting the men they have created. It is one thing to feel sorry for someone who made a mistake. It is hard to feel sorry for someone who keeps doing the same thing over and over again.

Where have all the good women gone? Men are treated just like walking wallets to used then tossed aside. I hate women like this, they are solipsistic, deceiving scum. A man should be treated with respect and love, not like a meal ticket. Men have needs that should be met by their woman, not just have their money taken. I'm talking about real respect here, not just lies to manipulate him. Actually honoring a man's humanity and dignity. A man needs a woman who will be loyal and not pull the plug on a family after 7 years just cause she gets bored. Most women today have no idea how to treat a man. Feminism destroyed women, lied to men, and ruined civilization. Men are walking away from this. They are finding they are better off on their own. The phrase "real man" basically means "chump" or "simp" or "whiteknight". It's a trap and a terrible life. Yes, nice guys are not given a chance, at least, not until the women have wasted their twenties on thug, losers, criminals and bad boys. It's at this point when she meets the wall that she expects the nice guy to come in and rescue her, remember, "the past is the past". Better man up son and marry one quick!

dude, you're a douche. don't ever think like this or take a woman's side. you really have displeased me so much. you are not a man.

I think that you are correct in some ways and other not. Yes some women are mistreated and used as sex ob<x>jects. But, not all. Some woman are also to blame and like to play mind games. Be careful! <br />
There are some very nice men out there. I have met them. Sex is important in a relationship but, not always. <br />
Take care! <br />

Read what I wrote. Ignore the harpy and remember when women are so eager to blame men for their woes this simple thing. <br />
<br />
Being REAL is like being a lady - if you have to tell people you are - then you aren't.

I wish that I could find a woman who did appreciate things like that. Instead they go right to "so what do you do for a living?" And I simply say that I don't discuss finances with strangers and change the topic, i don't want to be wanted for my money- so now I went from rich to below average, just to weed out the gold-diggers. I don't need much money, and its easy to get when it is needed. I usually just walk away from these disrespectful women who use relationships as an income. I just wish that I could meet another kind of woman, but that was decades ago. <br />
I'm not saying that better women don't exist, but they don't seem to go out at all and they aren't on plenty of fish either. Or more likely, they are the ones who are happily married. As for me, I was violently assaulted by my wife more than once and now I am separated from her for 15 years now- I will never speak to her again. And have never met anybody significantly different from her. She married me for money (and security) I loved her until the abuse started.

at your age it's admirable that you think this way. lol @ the bitter moronic males who posted replies... you can see who really is offended by being called out on their bad behaviour. if you truly feel this way don't let any other male ruin it for you with his woman-hatred. you will make a fine lover and companion for a lucky young lady some day if this is what you really believe in.

You speak in Vague generalities and idealizations, regarding things you could not possibly have first hand knowledge of, except if you yourself are neutered, and somehow consider yourself feminized. At your age, I doubt that you are physically neutered.... TOO many people want to jump on the bandwagon and 'blame men' for all of women's ills, and while I am sure it earns you many sympathy points, I can GUARANTEE you that you will NEVER get laid by any of the women who agree with your point. The bottom line is that for all the rhetoric, women ARE attracted to men who have balls. Mind you, not every manly man treats all women as they should be, but you needn't join the man-bashing club because of it. The bottom line is simple, MANY men ARE like dogs...<br />
they only engage in behavior that is REWARDED. Remember - before a woman comes crying to you about how 'abused' she feels - the chances are VERY high that she herself allowed the mistreatment to continue for MUCH longer than you or I would have allowed the same treatment of ourselves OR a daughter/sister...<br />
Being a feminist cheerleader seems cute - but it won't help you get laid, and it obviously isn't helping you to think straight either. Want a good woman? Seriously? Stop looking at what other guys throw away. Find a girl who respects you BECAUSE you're a man, a woman who hasn't been stupid enough to be sidetracked in her goals/dreams by some abusive lothario who played her. Lot's of women ARE that stupid - but there are many who are not.<br />
Find a girl who is into YOU because you are not those things you imagine and who is not into you because you're a mamby-pamby siren to girly sympathy seekers. There be Monsters there....

what a misogynist... why are you even posting in this forum, seriously? blaming victims for their own abuse.. you are one sick individual.

Blow me. You obviously didn't READ what I wrote, can't blame THAT on the fact you're a woman, perhaps just stupid then,eh?

Wow I think some of your points are correct and others aren't. First of all some women who are abused don't really want it to happen. I know there are women who are weak minded. However, it's just wrong for the the man to abuse the woman. PERIOD. (as it would be for a woman to abuse a man) It is her choice to leave the relationship. But, is not necessarily easy for her to. (I know some women who were in this situation and it is such a confusing topic.)
Some relationships are so controlling that it becomes overpowering and confusing for anyone to comprehend.

However, I do think that men shouldn't be the "Demond" in this topic. There are really good men and there are really good women. There are some **** women as well.
But, I think that your comment is polar opposite to this topic. There needs to be some common ground.
Not sure if he is looking to get laid on a "website".

Michelle -
I did not get that he was referring to PHYSICAL abuse, which is intolerable in ANY instance - what I did pick up on, I clearly addressed. The PROBLEM often overlooked is that men and women's 'roles' (or the reverse -'expectations') are ill defined by society in this day and age. Women who hysterically finger point and blame men for all their woes are much too common anymore and dishonor the strides made by women in the sixties who FOUGHT for the right to work - to control their own bodies - to define their own destinies - those were incredible times, and the women I knew then were simply incredible as well. They NEVER demanded 'respect' but instead took it upon themselves to EARN it. Nowadays too many women ride coattails of the women's movement and blindly label as misogynist any man who refuses to validate their man hate.

It truly makes me SAD to see the comments made by this young man who bemoans the 'woe of women' while his actions clearly paint the picture that he IS interested in pandering to the women He finds desirable. Obviously, there is a HUGE and untapped market out there that Parker has TOTALLY ignored - those women who are NOT abused or fanatic man haters.
His lament is totally pretentious.
Michelle, do YOU know the feel of the Sahara desert beneath your feet? Do you KNOW the taste of fresh snowfall on the Continental divide?

I DO. You see, these are things I CAN know through experience,but not through some vicarious desire to HAVE the experience or 'relate' to those who do.. The things that this author mentions are things he CANNOT KNOW... so his lament is (inspired) but false and therefore I must look to his motives.

I guess I'd say once more - LOOK at the last two paragraphs of my original statement. I am not unclear.
The FACT is that I do not like to see women mistreated, but I also hate to see ANYONE mistreated. I also abhor ignorance, stupidity, and those who refuse to think for themselves, regardless of how well worded their laments.
Moreover I find deplorable those who accuse me- without basis -of' blaming victims' as that was never the case. I'll add something here - of all the Daughters I've RAISED.. none of them has experienced the sort of troubles that Parker describes... So no, I cannot blame men- or society-but blame instead women and femi'men' who perpetuate the 'poor me' excuses of those who choose not to be responsible for their own impact upon society.

I was thinking that he was referring to physical abuse as he did say the word "toy". Which I could take as sexual abuse. So thus physical..
I am glad that you are for women and know that from your stories and know that you have children who are girls.
So maybe I looked at your comment wrongly.
I do see that men are used as the villain a lot in this day and age and a lot of people misunderstand what feminism is about. Which is really EQUALITY. But, thats another story. lol
This is such a touchy subject. But, I think I do agree with you NOW. Since this boy doesn't know about physical abuse relationships. Unless he has had a girlfriend, a mother or sisters involved. I am not sure. True.. no one can fully understand until they LIVE it. So I am unaware of his motives and what his past is. But, it is strange that he hasn't written about his past instances with women involved in similar problems. hmm Good point. :)

Thanks michelle for commenting and allowing me to clear that up. I really don't mind that anyone disagrees with me, but it's the failed attacks that I find bothersome. I DO appreciate that you considered an opposing point, even if you disagree, it's nice to hear a rational and considered voice. thank you.

You're an ***. I have two sons. I hope they grow into sensitive men that care about the needs of women as this young man seems to. That would make me one proud momma.

And you're aBi tch. So what? You,like the naive imbecile who wrote that drivel completely miss the point. There's a saying shared by men in Texas, I can explain it to you, I just can't understand it for you. Think before you open your trap, or you'll catch flies.

Perhaps Shakespeare said it best, "Methinks the woman doth protest too much." Why you would feel in any way threatened by my comments is beyond me. My MAIN POINT is that the femiman who posted this drivel was talking out of his ***. He made NO complaint that anyone he knew had been abused, etc., only he mouthed the words he had heard from ACTUAL women's laments. I strongly recommend that you re-read the original post and the replies I made to AngelHeartAblaze (and her well considered replies) About him getting laid, ask him. I'd bet my house this post hasn't done it for him, and even less has his pretentious sniveling. Your post only serves to clarify MY POINT, that no, it isn't right or good to abuse anyone, that not all men (or women) are jerks, but instead of blaming HALF the population for the others woes, EACH should accept their responsibility for the part they play in the ongoing drama. I'm glad you've outgrown your teenage years, and have formed a more responsible opinion of yourself while learning to look past the stereotypes that the writer here promotes. If you hadn't done so, you'd be on the couch eating bon-bons and whimpering about how the world (half of it) is to blame. Instead, you've taken a chance on a man who proves his respect, not with senseless words or pandering, but by treating you with the respect due any responsible person. You are correct, the 'good ones' are rare, and they don't run around crying about how pretentious wussies have 'ruined' things for them. I dare to make one more prediction. The guy you are with, isn't anything at all like the femiman Parker.

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Nice post! You struck oil my friend :) It's true females in this day and age are treated like tools. Hmm..some guys have the impression that since there are more females in the world that they can jump to many different others. Its insulting really. <br />ODV

Nice post! You struck oil my friend :) It's true females in this day and age are treated like tools. Hmm..some guys have the impression that since there are more females in the world that they can jump to many different others. Its insulting really. <br />ODV

Dude, I know how you feel man. :(

strange how enticed i feel...

um no im not im just saying how i feel and its the truth most guys are ******** to women

Wow somebody's really trying to get laid!

True dat.

Someone feeling threatened?

ok real guy showing feelings thats sweet!! :)