Sick To My Stomach



I hate men who don't respect women. It makes me sick to my stomach especially because there are so many out there. I won't have anything to do with men like that!

missadventurer missadventurer
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6 Responses Jan 21, 2010

it's the women's fault. don't provoke the man, and the man won't go there!

I would say to not treat them like ob<x>jects. Being curtious is not being disrespectful it is the opposite.

you know I absolutely agree !! I hate these men who say all these liberal things about equality and are all in the best suits and all.. but inside they're all cavemen and are thinking.. uh.. a woman for MY job? Really? She could never handle it !?! EWWW I hate that hypocrisy .. Just despise it.. and yeah for years guys have disrespected us.. the least they owe us now would be good manners or some courtesy ! meh !

it's called misogyny and nice to know you are awakened to it. most people think it's a myth but then those people are men... go figure. ;)

i always get confused with this, some treat it like a post-war 50s thing where they say respect women by buying them dinner and giving them rides, but others say dont ob<x>jectify them, what would you say about how a man should respect a lady?

Ok, so you are saying that respect must be earned. That makes sense. However that doesn't mean that you can just disrespect women or anyone for that matter. And about people being so concerned about respect, I believe that the word is used so often that it has lost it's meaning but it is something of great importance. It has to do with equality, knowing that you are treated at the same level as the other person and they do not think that they are better than you.

You are right, if women want to be respected they have to have respect for themselves first!