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Whatever You Say

I do little more than smile and nod when spoonfed **** from the Llama's ***. I used to find a sense of satisfaction in allowing others to believe they were fooling me, but it's become stale and boring. People are a fascinating species, the way we try to convince ourselves of things we know to be untrue is amusing to a point. Maybe I just hold an appreciation for the beauty I see in a lie to oneself.

I buy in though, I pay the fee because I know i'll get a refund later.
Maybe I get more satisfaction out of crushing a persons sense of security; denying them later that which made them feel so secure.
Maybe i'm just searching for someone who will take me seriously enough to know better than to play games with me; maybe it's just human nature to lie.

I don't go for subtle hints; I won't do the work for anyone. I overlook it, or I pretend they were talking about something else entirely, I wait to see if they can gather the stones to speak their mind.
If you can't ask the question, you're not getting the answer.

Maybe I expect too much from people.
If you want to play games with me though, i'll just play games back. There's no use in me putting time and energy into something that will get me nowhere, and honestly i'm just not interested enough in expending valuable energy on someone who can't get their head out of their ***.
Remand Remand 31-35, M Oct 20, 2012

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