It Drives Me Nuts!!

I used to envy Maxwell Smart and his shoe phone.  I thought it was pretty cool.  I wanted one.  (Loved his sports car too. )  Never did i think for one moment that i would be anti anything so brilliant!

It's not the phones that make my blood boil , it's their owners.  At least irresponsible dog and car owners can be fined.  

Rudeness is something i can't stand.!!

It's not just the youngsters that do it . Plenty of older people who should know better are also guilty.

Here's some hints on when not to use it.

When out shopping with your mother.  ( shop or talk, not both)

When  people standing in front of you are trying to talk to you.  (listen and communicate with something alive)

When serving in a shop and a CUSTOMER wants attention  ( Customer helps pay your wages)

When driving ( keeping yourself and others alive is more important than nattering)

When crossing the road  ( same reason as above )

When at the dinner table  ( Eat,  not gossip or handle work problems)

When standing beside a very competent land line phone (stop lining the pockets of the telephone companies)

When out horse riding, ( the horse has enough crap to deal with without listening to you)

When your mother is standing in front of you with a hammer  (don't think that needs explaining but would suggest you turn it off)

Now, have you culprits got the picture????

Tgilly Tgilly
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4 Responses Mar 11, 2010

It' s just become illegal here as well, hefty fine if caught : )

driving on a cell is illegal here in california but i still see people doing it all the time and yes, i share all your same sentiments as expressed above, well put!

good points.

Good story. I get nervous because a lot of people I see driving a vehicle, have a difficult enough time with that chore. <br />
Put that together with the one brain cell they have working, use a cell phone and breath at the same time becomes insurmountable. <br />
I'd rather not be road kill due to someone's <br />
ignorance or some kid's need to know who's dating who. <br />
Paco35:)(potential roadkill or pothole filler)