I Know!! It Actually Upsets Me How Pervy Some Guys Are!

I actually cry when i read on some forums how nasty or perverted some people can be! Whether it be a celeb page or this EP. Men are always contacting me on here with their sexual ideas and I am like ''No, I don't want to talk to a complete stranger about sex!!'' I have my eye on one particular guy and that is it, I do NOT want to be your girl!! Why can't guys and gals be friends, and JUST friends!!? I was on Facebook and this guy says he wants to marry me and have sex with me and he doesn't know me !! What's up with that? I don't hook up online. And I never will. Unless I actually know that person. They expect me to fancy them!! I am also so sick of guys commenting about how they would love to ''bang'' some celeb lady!! It's pathetic!!
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 19, 2013