Why Does Everybody Want To Know My Business?

Well i dont know where to start, so many details but can't write them all down. I don't think that there's anybody who's experience what i'm going through right now, if there is someone please reply. I used to live in a apartment not to long ago, everthing was good, until i started to notice weird occurances. In that apartment it was so quite you could hear someone snoring or coughing. I used to walk around freely until i notice the downstairs lady walking with me, every where i went this lady went with me, I thought that was strange. I'm a person who plays music when i get home from time to time mostly on the weekend, i'm not going to front sometimes it would be loud, i like to feel my music. Instead of coming upstairs to tell me the music is loud she would bang on the ceiling, so sometimes i would turn the music down depending how i felt that day. Here is where everything went down hill. One day i was home and i hear drilling, in the kitchen,livingroom and the bedroom. That night i was sleeping and was woke up by a sound of something being dragged through the walls, it sounded like a big animal but now i know what it was. A lot of weird things happened after that but what i'm about to tell you next stood out the most. I was going to play music but thought to myself i'm not going to play it out of the speakers only in my headsets a few minuttes of playing my music and i heard this lady knocking on the ceiling, she was knocking so hard she scared my son in the next room. I asked myself how can this be, the music is in my headsets. Now you should know what i'm thinking, this lady has some kind of listening device. After this happens it got really weird, i would go to sleep wake up to beeping noises directly under my bed and i layed motionless and whatever she had would beep in between seconds. I get up and the beeping stopped. Now the ? you should ask is how does she know where my bed is at. The next thing that happens on a different night, was the smell of burnt wood, me and my wife woke up and said what the heck is that, so we called the fire dept. They come in a matter of minutes knocked on her door and she woudn't let them in to check it out so they come to my apt and the smell went away. the fire dept and the police leave and not long after they left she leaves in her pj's with a big black bag in her hand. I couldn't get the camcorder in time but my wife witness this. Now along with this smell left me with a tingling sensation on  my skin particuarly on my arm and back, it felt like my hairs was standing up. This is the strang part my wife doesn't feel what i feel. This goes on for a few. I went downstair to tell her to stop with the bullshit and it got worst, until we moved. At the time i couldn't go to the cops cause i couldn't prove anything. Now im in a new neighborhood and a week in my new home my next door neighbors are shining green lights from there back porch at my window, the same sensation but not as bad, when i get up the lights fade away but you still see something blinking. Keep in mind i left out other things that are going on, this is long enough. I try to tell my friends what's going on but know one believe's me. I'm going to get some devices myself in my defences and protection, and we'll see what happens next.
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I suggest you call out Jesus' Name. Whatever that is making you feel this way, call out His Name. Someone or something is playing with your head.

Say something like, "In the Name of the Jesus, I command you to leave."

Either you're crazy and it's all in your head or you are adept at making your neighbors hate you. From the tone of your post, I suspect a combination of the two.

the knocking thing happens to me and the beeping !