Is It Just Me?

Is it just me, or do people come off as absolute morons in the first five minutes you meet them? I know I don't give out any chances to people-I don't trust people. But, the fact is some people are just total, complete bergs-twits-daft little pieces of fluff that only think about who they're going to ****, when they go to work, and what they want for breakfast lunch and dinner and then shovel down anything else they're told that should really be thought about.

People have to be getting dumber, literacy rates are plumetting, science and math rates are laughable, and no one even believes in history's viability anymore. Its enough to take an aluminum baseball bat into Times Square and just start swinging at every Tom, Frank and Brittany.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I've always had contempt for my fellow man at least since around age seven its nothing new, and it's not going to change anytime soon. And you know, I have my duh moments like anyone else but, that's really different than your average brainless wonder who doesn't know who the current president is. Its infuriating- I guess that and my complete and utter lack of faith in the human race in general make me hate just any old person I see, until I receive further evidence that they have something going on upstairs.

To draw some terminology from the comic Carlos Mencia, there are the mentally retarded, there are people who think and then we have the "De-Dee-Deees." The people who won't think for themselves, who most people in their right minds want to backhand. To clarify, "De-Dee-Dees" are like the kid in the grocery store who's been screaming for the past hour and a half for "the good cereal, mom!!!" and has begun to pitch a fit, with the mom standing idly by. They are both the mom and the child-the mom being their unwillingness to think and the kid symbolizing their self-centered consumer driven attitude.

And what do you usually want to do when you see a scene like that at the grocery store? BE honest, you want to scream at the mom to do something but, then again, you want to take the kid over your knee yourself.

Quite a conundrum.

WingedMarvel WingedMarvel
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2007

ALL of the people I work with are like this! Most days I would rather die than have to come to work and force myself to talk to these people....and believe me I do actually have to physically force the words out.<br />
It's funny that you think the same.

Feel betta now ? PHEW you must b exuasted.. you learn to live with it u know.... hey Experimenting with the human race it what we do best..yeah?? maybe use what u know to help people not hate them ... or maybe you are a unique snowflake....dont get lonely... and I have been the mum in the supermarket we buy Home Brand ( the cheap stuff, white box, black words) when my kids complained they wanted the other one's I said " they're for people who cant read & they need the picture's" That was enough for my 2..they always go for the home brand now...LOL..The day's of smacking your kids at the grocery store with a round of applause from other's is gone.. sorry bout that..