Have You Ran Across People On Ep

Who just aren't what they say that they are. I would be naive

to think that everyone is completly honest. But it is still a shock when I find out differently!

Maybe thats because I am an honest person. Anyway I think that I am learning , and

I can always avoid those who I know aren't always truthful!!!

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10 Responses Mar 27, 2009

Your comment re assures me that most people are <br />
<br />
good. I am happy about that.

I agree that not all people are honest. Yet somehow I believe that people are or at least I want o believe that they are. I am like you shocked when I fins out different!

That is the truth. Especially in relationships!!!

I've learned the hard way that withholding truth will back fire in your face.,as quickly as a lie.

Yes we do!!!!

i love honesty too- we have that in common dont we!

So true that!

Really. Now that is sad. You are right that for the most <br />
<br />
part I think that they are nice people! I quess that <br />
<br />
there are a few bad apples in every bunch! I love your<br />
<br />
fantastic hair! Thanks for the comments friend!

I've been burned once and almost left because of it. There are people who lie here but for the most part I have found many trusted friends. Just be careful.

100% agreed :)