Uneducated's Not In It.

This group should seriously consider removing the 'uneducated' bit from it's title.  Anyone (like me) living in the UK will be well aware of the monster ignorant bigot called Nick Griffin who has a Law degree...
HungryKid HungryKid
2 Responses Mar 20, 2011

Of course there are educated people who are bigots and worse, however, the definition of ignorant is lacking in knowledge. Education is the process of teaching/learning information and knowledge. Education does make people smarter in many respects. There are many different courses of study, i.e., technical, academic, etc. The more educated a populace is, the more prosperous and successful that group is, enjoying a better lifestyle with a wide variety of personal choices. Education opens eyes to options and opportunities. Widespread ignorance creates Maury Popovich fans, and frankly, giving those people welfare is just weakening the gene pool.

I think the problem goes deeper. They might as well call the group 'I Dislike People I Dislike'.