Uneducated Bigots

The way I look at it,if you were raised by bigots you accept their belief system.

You may not be blessed with a good education,because you may not live where good schools are available,or your family may not be able to afford to send you to school.

Instead of disliking uneducated bigots,I choose to embrace them and lead the way with my shining example of kindness and love.


If that doesn't work we can always go back and kick their ***!





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6 Responses May 31, 2008

I have referred this carrot to Kathys Carrotman in my album already!<br />
Can't you just imagine.....

Lucylee said:<br />
" you're so peaceful in a backhanded sorta way haha.".<br />
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
I am soo peaceful...till I'm not!<br />

Carrot said:<br />
"I also think that derisive behaviour from others just confirms all their existing prejuidices in their own minds."<br />
~~~~~~~~~~<br />
I totally agree!

Yes,some kids have perfect parents and turn into babyrapers and some people have awful parents and turn out wonderful.....

Well, I know some people that were raised by some of the most awful and violent people. But they grew up and become wonderful parents instead.<br />
<br />
As for the children that never question that behavior and find it acceptable. Well, they can be pretty difficult to talk to. It takes a lot of patience to do that. Which sometimes I have a lot of, lol!

Haha Ok But you know as easy as it sounds to chose to be different from our upbringing it isn't. I believe the chances of broadening our beliefs is probably 1 in 4. Most people don't like change or new ideas or new ways of thinking. It leads them into foreign territory which makes them uncomfortable. Having said that I agree with you the best way to encourage new thinking is to lead by example. I try my best to chose this path.