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I have seen bigots in all forms. But there are general categories they all fall under. There are the stuck up bigots, the holy bigots, the logical illogicals, the hating bigots, the misunderstanding bigots, and the unintentional bigots. Yes, there are many other sorts, but these are the basic ones. If I were to say to someone "I am a transgendered guy. I have the appearance and bodily characteristics of someone who is purely female, yet I have the mind of someone who is entirelly male," these are the reactions I could get from several bigots.

Stuck up: "Well than don't be trans. It's your choice"

Holy: "That is a sin, you should not be like this"

Illogical: "Well, you only think you are male based on such and such notion and such and such" (and the yammering goes on and on)

Haters: "Wtf is wrong with you? Go die. You're not normal"

Misunderstanding: "So you're gay? Ew"

Unintentional: "Well, I hope some day you will be a real guy." (note this was meant to be kind, but the "real guy" part always irks me)

And this is my commentary and views of basic bigots.
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By stated views others have given you about your choice of lifestyle are you not also being a bigoted with how they see you?
You wish to be something you're not and never will be. But when a follower of God tells you it's wrong you come here and talk about this person behind their back. As you have done with everyone who would not accept you. So fact. You will never be another sex. Fact. Who you were born as is who you will be until death. Fact. Who you think you are is a lie no matter how much you suger coat it. Fact. You don't want a woman in your life but you want to look like one of them. Fact. The bible does say it's a sin. So how can "Holy" be bigoted for quoting the word of God? Unless you are saying God is a bigot. ("Be very careful with this one because if such things as "Holy" follows and believes are true. Saying God is a bigot could come back and bit you on judgement day.")
But... I do know of a doctor who agreed with people like you. At the time he was a relatively young man who was also fascinated by genetics. A man who didn't concern himself with the bible or Gods word or with morality, humanity. His name was Josef Mengele... Hitlers SS scientist. So, you call "Holy" bigoted while you follow the same path as Mengele? These are just facts. Another Fact is that no one is born gay. It's a choice a person makes. Another Fact is God proves he does not make gay babies because when Adam was walking around. all he saw was animals in only male and female breeds. And when Adam was put to sleep he did not wake up to see another man but a wo-man. There is no such thing as being born gay. No matter how much you wish it. "Holy" is just stating a fact from a book called the bible. "Holy" was not being a bigot. You just thank it that way because you want there to be no after life or a God. Because like all homosexual's upon the day of their last breath eternal damnation is their reward for living as they wanted, doing what they wanted. A life without God in it. To these people I would say "make sure you keep healthy and have a very long, long life.spend everyday as if it was your last.
"One day it will be."
P.S. Remember this: "if there is a hell. There will always be room for on more. And that's a fact"