Their Love For The Tolerance Paradox

Their idea is that tolerance is flawed, cause to them, tolerance means everything is fine, as long as its not intolerance. First off, their views on tolerance is flawed. Tolerance does not mean everything goes, or that we have to agree with everything. Nope, it means that being different from your way is not a legitimate reason to condemn another. I don't personally agree with hard ***********, but I don't have a problem with people who do like it. Im not gonna go to **** rallies, or look at it, but I am not against those who do look at it. Now I cannot tolerate theft, because that's an intrusion on my rights to fairly own certain items. Its not just cause I personally don't like it.

Now the Bigots always get worked up whining over how they are not tolerated. Then complain how many other things are tolerated. They think that everything is tolerated except them. Like they have a persecution complex. If you want to be a bigot, that's your business. Im not gonna support you, or accommodate your bigotry. But I will let you be bigots as long as you don't interfere with our rights or wellbeing. Like Political bigots like Michele Bachman says hateful things, how am I supposed to trust her to run the country fairly when she expresses so much hatred and vitrol? So that kind of stuff is not tolerable. Or when people go and act with hostility towards those whom they oppose. Like street preachers who harass everyone, and intrude on events that go against their religious beliefs. Plus in other areas, they will ruthlessly attack others, and then get mad when they rebuke their hatred.

Plus Bigots are very authoritarian, and love political power. And they act all persecuted when someone speaks against their tyrannical ways that cause harm to others. Like how the Fundamentalists go out of their way to try to oppress others with their views, and then cry persecution when people don't take too kindly to their abuse. Or partisan panderers want to force their morals on everyone else, and cry persecution when others don't take so kindly.
ratburn ratburn
Aug 9, 2013