"Not Everybody Is Gay"

I was in my spanish class, we went off topic and started talking about prop. 8 *in CA.* I was sitted in front of a bunch of guys who were talking about athat if they had a gay son or something, they would kill him, castrate him, or that sort of stuff.

Then they asked the teacher, what would he do if he had a gay son. The tacher told him that, no matter what he did, beat him up, burn him, isolate him or anything, if the kid was gay, there wouldn't be anything to be done except to support him. Then the kid asked him on what he voted for in prop. 8. The tacher didn't want to respond. he just said that he didn't care if gay people were granted the same rights of everyone else. Then the ignorant kid said - " Yeah, but not everybody is straight " - I couldn't contain myself and I turned around and told him, - " And not everybody is straight. " -

There was silence in the room. All the eyes pointing at me. I felt akward. They were looking at me as if I was revealing myself as a lesbian. Though inside I felt good because I got to express my mind and he actually recognized, because people were mocking him, that his thoughts were wrong.

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1 Response Nov 8, 2008

u guys rock - sometimes the best way to get through is to be gentle - but sometimes a blunt wake up call can rattle the rafters too!<br />
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missjupiter - how awesome, too. i can't stand the self-righteousness that religions dish out. I'm very close to God and listen for His guidance all the time -- I think many religious people make the dangerous mistake of thinking THEY can SPEAK for God - no way!<br />
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Personally, I think homosexual couples have as much of a right to marry as everyone else, i'm cool with that & I support that. Even for someone who feels it's wrong, because of their interpretation of the bible -- it would still be God's place & ONLY God's place to make the judgment call on that (or on ANYTHING ANYONE does) - people do not have the right, authority or divine qualifications to do make that call.<br />
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it makes me mad that "christians' (which i consider myslef to be) reflect so poorly on what His love is about..it's so sad... : (