There Is No Point In Arguing

 So many times have I found myself deeply disappointed to discover that someone I like and respect is predigest.

Everybody is unique in there own way so to generalize is really quite ridiculous. 

But the thing about bigots, is that their minds are so closed there really is no point in arguing with them.

I either don't discuss the subject or walk away these days...Why frustrate myself?  

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2 Responses Nov 9, 2008

i still get pretty aggravated with it! but what i have to watch is my blood pressure. you cant always walk away. --- especially if you are at a factory!!!!

When I first saw your' entry I thought I'd be defending poor uneducated fok who don't know any better. I was so wrong. I grew up in a semi-racist household. My father was friends with one "black" man and used to use him as the reason he wasn't prejudiced. "But I'm friends with 'Mike', I'm not racist. But when I tried to date one all Hell broke loose. You'da thought I was trying to trow my whole family into an active volcano. They're everywhere. Even in your' own house.