Uneducated is okay. Ignorant is not.
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If you think being uneducated is expensive try ignorance.

Intentional ignorance?..

yes, not being interested in learning or understanding

Lack of an ability to access education is a symptom of misfortune, and ignorance is a symptom of stupidity.

Sounds like a quote, I totally agree.
And stupidity is a symptom of what? I never understood. Is it due to heredity or does someone become stupid?

It's a quote by me! Stupidity, like almost every other observable human malady, is a symptom of misfortune, just like lack of available education. If we look at it like this, it doesn't matter if stupidity is genetic, or learned. It's most likely a combination. My theory has always been that the capacity to learn is genetic, but the curiosity that inspires learning is acquired later. If either of these two things are missing, it will be difficult for that individual to actualize. If you are born with an unintelligent genome, it's unfortunate. But it's just as unfortunate to be born smart but I to a place where education is illegal or simply doesn't exist. Either way that person has somehow managed to draw the shortest straw.

Nice quote :)
Have you ever read Carlo Cipolla's "basic laws of human stupidity"? it's quite interesting.
Yes, true it's a misfortune either way.
Curiosity and imagination are two great characteristics that intelligent people possess. I believe that naturally intelligent people exist, but in order to become a genious, to succeed, it takes lots of hard work and effort.