I Hate Homophobes!!!

I AM NOT GAY.I WOULD NOT WANT TO BE GAY.no i am not at all homophobic.recently a gay colleague at work came onto me.i was not offended nor did i get angry.i simply said no thanks and left it at that.WHY would i NOT want to be gay?simply because i have personally had a  taste of the awful treatment these people get.many years ago when i was young and quite good looking,i had quite a few female admirers.i did 'fancy' many of them but recurring health problems which i still have today meant i could not and still cannot form loving relationships with females.someone at sometime took great offence to the fact i wasn't interested in the girls who liked me.oh yes it was obviously someone very frightened and ignorant who began spreading lies about me being gay.the lies still persist today,although the sad little people who continue to think(?)of me as such cannot prove it!! it always seems to be a particular type of person who enjoys spreading (and believing)such evil,pathetic ideas about others,i believe these people to actually be mentally ill-they just cannot help themselves and have no control over their disgusting behaviour.there is more filth in the minds of these people then could ever occur between two gay people,not that I think gay sex is filthy(but the bigots do) and it makes me see red when i hear crap like "being gay is against god and nature"-WELL,IF YOU are A HOMOPHOBE AND READING THIS I SUGGEST YOU ACTUALLY think(INSTEAD OF JUST REACTING LIKE A ROBOT,LIKE ALL YOUR KIND DO)AND THINK ON THIS-IF BEING GAY WAS AGAINST GOD,THEN GOD WOULD SIMPLY NOT HAVE CREATED SOME PEOPLE TO BE GAY.BEING GAY IS NOT AGAINST GOD OR ANYTHING ELSE,BUT IS AGAINST ONLY your SAD,TWISTED LITTLE IDEA OF WHAT IS "RIGHT AND PROPER".I THINK ALL YOU HOMOPHOBES NEED TO WAKE YOURSELVES UP AND GET SOME URGENT PSYCHIATRIC HELP.YOU HAVE NO RIGHT AT ALL TO FORCE YOUR EVIL OPINIONS ON OTHERS,OR CONDEMN THEM FOR THEIR LIFESTYLE.SADDOS.

iwantaladyboy iwantaladyboy
Mar 3, 2010