Got Problems? So Does Everybody Else!

If you are 'having problems', guess what: your neighbor has problems too. So does the mailman, the physician who just treated you, the cashier at the corner convenient store and the little kid crying because his mum won't buy him that candy bar. So do all those gorgeous celebrities you follow obsessively - yeah they look unearthly good, but they just hide their problems better than the rest of us do. Got problems? So do all of your co-workers, the supervisor that you can't stand because s/he's too hard on you, the sports celebrity that just sprained his ankle for the season, and the crooked politicians on Capital Hill that we love to beat up on.

Everybody - EVERYBODY - has problems. Keep a perspective on life; everybody struggles with something!!

Armine Armine
36-40, F
5 Responses Mar 1, 2009

everyone does have something to contend with in life, but sometimes that can be of small comfort when dealing with your own problems.

My neighbor is a druggie, the mailmans always late,i dont have a physician.<br />

it can be easy to forget about the plight of others when you're wrapped up in your own troubles. not saying it's right but it does happen.

I know the kind of people you're talking about.<br />
<br />
Some of them (well, very little of them) are aware of other people having problems but somehow, someway theirs are always BIGGER.

for you to wrote this you missed the point of ALL the complaints you've heard