Get On With It

                                                     i realize people have alot of problems but complaining will not lighten their load at all. i think its better to just keep a positive attitude and go on. god gave us all crosses to bare and some have more than others. but, to constantly complain just makes others have to hear your negative whines all the time. not good at all!

flourlady111 flourlady111
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3 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Venting to friends helps, it might even help bring a solution if a friend has one but to constantly whine about the same problem coming up all the time and never finding a solution can really test a friendship.

My opinion about this is i think its wrong. I seen this and kind of felt bad about myself because i have a difficult life and i talk about occassionally. I mean i talk about it to like 2 people not everyone but it helps, talking to someone about your issues makes you think more positive. Keeping it all in isnt good it just builds up and eventually youll have a mental breakdown.

maybe thats true, but venting it out does usually help a little. i vent sometimes and when i'm done, i feel better and then i think "what the hell was that all about?" and i go about my business.